What You Need to Know about Hair Coloring

For a woman that is going to bleach her hair for the first time, to her, this is a huge deal. Why? Well, there are enough horror stories to go around when it comes to hair damage, fried hair ends, and hair breakage after bleaching. Many times, the horror experience can prevent a woman from trying it again. Hair lightening, on the other hand, can create a lot of possibilities for a woman. Hair color change can alter your entire look altogether and could make you look even better than before. So, don’t be afraid to take embrace the idea. You may wonder why it took you so long to decide on the change. How It Works When a hairdresser applies bleach to the hair shaft, it is considered chemical us

Non-Surgical Human Hair Replacement Systems and their Benefits

It is not a nice thing when women are losing their hair. For some women, it can be quite devastating and it can have an extreme psychological impact on the individual. Some women may resort to hair pieces and wigs in order to cosmetically change their appearance. This is not an odd occurrence. New Technology However, new hair technology has allowed for other viable options. Non-surgical hair replacement has become popular and so has hair integration and hair bonding. Due to new advancements in the hair replacement industry, it has allowed women to seek out one or more of these options in an attempt to change their appearance to look better. With hair replacement, a woman can still do the thi

When Should You Tip for Beauty Salon Services?

Most women have gone through this – having had their hair or makeup done professionally at a hair salon and gone up to the counter with the intention of paying the bill, but don’t know how much to award the hairstylist for a tip. It is a delicate process and sometimes stressful situation when considering a tip for beauty treatments provided by a professional. Many may think that tipping a salon owner or hairstylist is something that shouldn’t be done. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth. The Advantages Tipping shows that you are appreciative of the work done. It speaks volume to the hairstylist. It tells him or her that you really love the work done and gives hope that you wil

Hair Color Tips You Should be Aware Of

Are you into dyeing your hair occasionally or do you love changing your hair color regularly at the hair salon. Of course, if you maintain a good relationship with the hairstylist, you may be able to get a better job done since the hairstylist already knows everything about your hair; its texture, its follicles and its strength. Below are hair coloring tips that hairdressers would love to inform clients about with recommendations on what to avoid. Avoid Hair Salon Hopping Never go from one hair salon to the next. If cost is a concern, you may try to ask your hairstylist for a discount outright or you could wait until the hair salon is running a special. It is more difficult for the hairstyli

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