All About Moroccan Oil

Moroccan oil is made from argan tree seeds, which grow in Morocco. The oil is extracted from the seeds and there are only one to three seeds in each nut, making the oil a precious and valuable resource. The nuts must be opened and dried to extract the oil, and most of this process has to be done by hand due to the delicate nature of the seeds. Finally, the oil is processed and refined to ensure a pure product. Although the oil is traditionally used for bread or pasta in Morocco, it has many health and beauty benefits and has recently become an extremely popular beauty treatment in the United States. When used on the skin, it can create a glowing appearance, help with acne or signs of aging,

Halloween Hair

Halloween is the best! It's almost time to get BoO-tiFul. It's a holiday that encourages you think outside the box with style and character. You can choose from countless looks with costume choices these days. It's fun to change it up each year and challenge yourself with the look of your choice. It can be hard to match your hair style with the costume you choose. Be cautious using store bought Halloween hair coloring. Many of the Halloween hair dyes can be more permanent than the bottle says. Also, beware that color tends to hold more if you have a light or blonde shade to your hair. There's a reason that salons are booked more than usual the week after Halloween. Costume hair color correct

Hair FAQ

Does using a flat iron cause split ends? Using a flat iron can cause damage to your hair. The heat along with working it through your hair may weaken the ends. Using heat protectant products as well as trimming your hair regularly can help to avoid splitting ends. How are professional products difference than products at the drugstore? One of the biggest reasons is because professional products are more concentrated. The ingredients that help add moisture and protein are more potent. How long can I go between haircuts? Your ends will start to dry and split around the six-week mark. Be sure to cut your hair before your ends split, avoiding your hair to loose length caused by splitting. What i

Fall 2016 Hair Color Trends

No matter the season, a natural color that enhances and works well with your skin tone, never goes out of style. The Summer months can do a number on hair and may leave you feeling like your hair has lost its luster and shine. Complexions also ten d to lighten in the colder months and therefore leave you feeling washed out. With all of the changes Fall brings, it's also fun to change your hair color. According to experts, runways, and glamor magazines, Fall 2016 is all about going bold! Introducing warmer, richer tones and enhancing dimension with color, by adding highlights and lowlights. We often see lighter hair in the Spring and Summer and darker hair in the Fall and Winter. This year,

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