Must-Try Hair Colors Trending Now!

Hair trends come and go all the time. The trends that are springing up all over social media and our favorite celebs are sporting this fall are a definite must-try for us all. Talk to your stylist and schedule an appointment, you never know what you might just end up looking the best with! For the Natural Ladies Autumn hair colors always trend towards some different dimensions of reds, browns, and dark blondes. To spice things up a bit and give your hair some dimension and shimmer, ask your stylist for some autumn highlights in chocolate, amber, caramel, chestnut, or auburn colors on your naturally brown hair to keep your natural shade but also get to try something new. A sun kissed ombre wi

Winter Hair Care Tips

Fall weather is exciting because we get to transition our wardrobes, hairstyles and cuts into the fall fashion which is always fun because of the sweaters, buns and other fall-favorite hair-dos. The important thing to remember is that winter is just around the corner and that means we need to up our hair-care game. Winter weather can make our hair brittle and dry. To prevent this, here are some winter hair-care tips. Shampoo Less We all love to shower and get clean but showering too much can actually be bad for your hair because it washes out too much of the natural oils our hair produces to keep it soft and healthy. When we consistently wash out all the oil our scalps can overproduce oil an

Simple Fall Hairstyles for the On-the-Go Woman

As fall comes around it is easier and easier to hit that snooze button to avoid getting up and heading out into the chilly autumn air. It’s the perfect time of year to revamp your go-to hairstyles to maximize those snooze minutes but still look like a goddess when you leave in the morning. Here are some stylish looks that are easy and quick to do to help you out! Natural Texture This fall is bringing in the style of using your natural hair texture and letting it be the star. Let those natural curls show! Being yourself can extend to your hair, you don’t have to straighten your hair everyday to be beautiful. Let your natural beauty shine through and let that amazing texture be known! Knots! K

Why You Need a Keratin Treatment

First of all - What is a keratin hair treatment and what does it do? Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in hair that keeps our hair strong and elastic. Keratin is lost as we wash, style, heat, color, or bleach our hair, sometimes leaving it brittle and dry. Keratin treatments infuse your hair strands with more keratin and act as a supplement to your hair’s own natural keratin, making it much smoother, shinier, and less prone to tangling. A professionally done treatment straightens your hair and can last up to two and a half months. As mentioned before, keratin is lost by washing your hair. The more often you wash your hair after a treatment, the faster you will lose the results. Us

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