Get The Most Out Of Your Salon Visits

It can be too easy to fall behind when trying to keep up with the current in-style, celebrity hair trends. How do they even look that good all the time? The answer is a good stylist. The celebrities may be sporting the cuts, flipping the curls, or rocking those colors, but the real MVPs are the stylists that work behind the scenes to make sure our favorite celebrities are always looking their best. The key to having the perfect look is the same for you! Too many people are bouncing around salons, trying (incorrectly) to use a thousand different products and damaging their hair trying to look just right. It does not have to be that hard for you or anyone else! Finding a stylist that you enjoy

Care Couture Breast Cancer Hair Loss Event

The 2017 Care Couture “Hair Art Show” is proud to announce its 5th Production and 15 Salons! Our recipient is the Princeton Breast Cancer Resource Center. Net proceeds from this event will provide vital funding to help purchase wigs for breast cancer patients who do not have the financial resources to afford one. The Breast Cancer Resource Center also provides an array of FREE support services for women and their families. We are honored to support this organization which has provided and personally given support to thousands of women in New Jersey and abroad. Come see Salon Dolcetto present some amazing hair styles and do something good for the Breast Cancer Community.

Hair Loss Treatments

Are you struggling with hair loss? It can be a sensitive topic and many people find it embarrassing that they have to have to deal with hair loss. The good news is that there are options for people struggling. Some men, but not all, decide just to embrace the hair loss and shave their heads but most women aren’t quick to jump on that bandwagon. So what are some of the options that men and women can take to treat or remedy the hair loss they are experiencing? Starting with your salon is a great idea for those people who feel they want to investigate options to remedy what any hair loss they have experienced. There are many products and types of treatments out there that fix, treat, or prevent

Get Valentine’s Day Ready!

Valentine’s is coming, are you ready? We want you to look your best this Valentine’s day so come schedule an appointment with us here at Salon Dolcetto so we can help you look and feel your best. We offer a large selection of services to both men and women. Valentine’s Day is a pretty exciting day for many couples and lovers. It is pretty typical to have a fancy date and romantic evening on February 14th. The pressure can be high, especially if it is a newer relationship, and we are here to make you feel confident in how beautiful and sexy you are! Highlight Your Evening If you are looking to make a subtle change to spice things up just a bit, consult with our professional stylists about add

What are my options for men's hair loss?

Men’s hair loss is progressive and affects 40 million American men. Some men aren’t bothered by hair loss but for others it can be devastating. Over the millennia men have tried everything possible to stop hair loss including applying hippo fat to cow manure to the urine to young foals to the scalp. For some men, it’s almost as if the more crazy the concoction is the more likely it might work. In reality there are very few proven options to treat male pattern baldness. Don’t waste your money on lotions-and-potions. Finasteride Known more commonly as Propecia, the drug works by lowering dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. This is the hormone byproduct that has been identified as the culpri

Perms - Should I Think About Getting One?

Hold on, I know what you are thinking...theres no way you would get a perm! This isn’t the 80’s! Bear with me! We aren’t talking about the old-school version of a perm. We are talking about sophisticated, fun, and sexy curls that can grace any hair with a new look. Modern perm styles are something to go wild for! Let your fun and carefree side show with a bouncy, fun look. How does a salon help you get those curls? Scientifically, let’s look at what a perm is. In its simplest form, perms are basically a chemical reaction. On a more micro level, cross-linking bonds within the hair structure are being broken and reformed through the chemical process. When the hair is wrapped around a form and

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