Bombshell Summer Hair

Summer is the time to show it all off, which isn’t great news for those of us that didn’t start hitting the gym until last month, but the good news is that your hair can look fabulous without the sweaty dedication. Here are some of our best and favorite tips for keeping your hair healthy and luscious throughout the hot summer months. Trim Up Those Ends It is a great idea to get things trimmed up as summer approaches. The dry, split ends are holding back your gorgeous locks from looking their best. The hot sun does damage to your hair, drying it out and making it look less lustrous and lovely. For hair and ends that are already dry will experience exaggerated damage. Following about a six to

Are You Washing Your Hair Too Much?

There has been a movement for not shampooing your hair in the last few years. If you are on this bandwagon, you might be onto something. The thing is, frequency of shampooing is not a blanket fix for everyone. How often you wash your hair is something that depends on a person’s preferences, hair thickness, and how oily your hair is naturally. Here are some guidelines from professional stylists and dermatologists in determining how often you should be washing your hair. Let’s look at what shampoo does for your hair. The soap you use to wash your hair is an emulsifier and traps dirt and oil to remove it from your scalp and hair, making your hair less oily and feeling clean. The thing is, not a

Reasons To Consider Shorter Hair

We have all been envious at one time or another over the long beautiful hair that we see on models, perfectly styled and curled. We would do anything to get those long, beachy waves we see in the magazines. Or maybe you love the many hair-dos that become an option when your hair is down to the middle of your back, but let’s have a reality check and talk about the benefits of short hair as well. One of the nicest things about having shorter hair is that it can cut your styling time in half. Less hair to style means less time to spend on it! Straightening takes a minute, blow drying is ultra fast, and you can style it in ways that make you feel like a grown woman that is successful and beautif

Salon Style Tips: Mistakes You Make When You Curl Your Hair

A full head of sexy, luscious curls is something many of us strive for! We want those salon-perfect waves and curls that look so sleek and natural, but why are we not seeing similar results at home? Keep reading to find out some of the most often made mistakes when curling your own hair at home! Heat Protectant This tip and trick is the most important one we can give out. You MUST use a heat protectant for your hair when you are using heat on your hair! This is a product that you should not skimp on. No going for the cheap, knock-off brands that aren’t formulated properly and can’t protect your hair like high quality salon products. If you are going to splurge on one thing, this is it. We pr

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