Are You Treating Your Hair Too Right?

We are surrounded and bombarded with messages of how our hair should look, what is in style, the latest trends for longer and stronger tresses, and it can get a bit ridiculous. Even people that are doing their best to condition and treat their hair right are at risk for inadvertently damaging their hair. There is such a thing as overdoing it in the hair world. You might think this is something obvious, and it is, when it comes to things like dying, chemically straightening, using heat and all the other things we put our hair through. What we are talking about here are the things that are supposed to, and do, help keep your hair healthy, if they are used correctly. When you use products and s

Losing Your Mind About Losing Your Hair?

Are you worried about how much hair you seem to be losing? Does brushing your hair seem to pull out strands and strands of your hair that you would rather have stay attached to your head? If you bathroom is covered with hair from trying to do your hair, or your drain gets clogged often with wads of hair that are being washed down your drain, you may want to check out some of these common reasons, which are all healthy issues, that you may be losing your hair. Anemia Many women and some men as well, suffer from anemia which a deficiency in the levels of iron in their blood. This can lead to hair loss and other problems such as low energy levels or headaches. This has a simple and easy fix. Wo

Fall 2017 Hair Styles And Trends To Get You Excited For Colder Weather

If you are thinking ahead to what you are going to wearing for your hairstyle this fall, we have the inside scoop on some of the most popular and trending styles you need to know about! The runways were a hit with a large variety of styles and do’s so don’t fret if they aren’t all up your alley. Check out some of our favorite looks below to start planning your Fall 2017 style. Black Bows And Ribbon What an appearance this style made! So many models were sporting black ribbons in their hair or large black bows perfectly placed around a lovely bun. The good thing about this style is it is simple and easy to do for everyone! Many of the models sporting this Fall style simple had hair pulled bac

Bad Habits That Are Keeping Your Hair Unhealthy (Pt. 2)

Last week was the beginning of a two part blog post about things that are keeping your hair unhealthy and not allowing it to reach its full potential. The things mentioned included how skipping meals can cause a lack of nutrients that help build strong and healthy hair, how consistently tying up your hair can be damaging to strands, and how brushing your hair incorrectly will cause breakage. To continue on with the list of things that are bad for your hair, so you can stop doing them, keep reading! Bleaching And Over-treating Yes, it is fun to change up your hair every once in a while. Brunettes want a lighter color, blondes want a darker one. Someone wants curls and someone wants straight t

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