Styles For The Rainy, Cold Days Approaching

The weather outside is starting to change to the cool and crisp days of fall. This means for many of us that there is going to be some windy and rainy days that don’t make for the best hair days. In order to combat these elements we put together some of our favorite hairdos and hair tips for these somewhat dreary days to go with our pumpkin spice...well, everything. Take Care Of Your Hair! This is the absolute most important part of having good hair days against all odds. This means you have to make time to visit your stylist. Every few months get into the salon and at least get a trim to get rid of the split ends and lighten up your hair. Try out some of the excellent services designed to h

Overnight Style: Hacks For Rushed Mornings

While going to bed with wet hair on the regular is not recommended, there is some use to going to bed with damp hair on occasion. Sleeping with wet hair regularly makes for all kinds of problems from increased damage to sensitive locks, higher levels of bacteria growing in your bedding (um, ew), and even increased chances of developing cold symptoms. So, don’t get us wrong when you tell you about these overnight style hacks to help you get ready quickly on a rushed morning, only go to bed with damp hair, not wet. Simply Lovely Waves With Minimum Effort One of the most simple and stylish ways to get messy and adorable curls on the fly is to utilize all the time you spend sleeping. In order to

The Secrets Of Shampoo

Washing your hair is likely something you do often. Many people wash their hair everyday, or every other day depending on their schedules and personal preferences. Experts have recommended not shampooing as often as many of us do in order to allow hair’s natural oil to keep our hair in better condition. So, what are some of the secrets of shampooing that benefit our hair when we do wash it? Find out below! Ingredients Matter This may seem like an obvious thing, but how many times have you decided to go with an off-brand from the drugstore instead of choosing the salon quality product because of the price difference? The truth is, many of us recognize that salon products are higher quality an

Important Hair Coloring Tips To Remember

Coloring your hair is an exciting thing. Whether you are trying out something a few shades darker or opting for something in the realms of blonde or platinum, there are some very important things to do and not do, in order to prevent some pretty serious damage and potentially a lot of tears. At Home Dye Jobs Are Cheaper And Less Time Intensive For A Reason Yes, we are aware that you can get a hair dye box at the all-purpose store down the road for ten dollars, but in this case, you really are only going to get what you are paying for. Box dyes are just not as high of quality as salon dye. Plus, when you choose to use a box dye at home you are missing out on the training stylists have in appl

Your Quick Guide To The Ombre Hair World

Hair styles and colors are one of those things that keep changing as the seasons come and go. What was in style last year may not be so popular this year. That color may have flooded instagram in the past few months but it might not be the current craze. There are few haircuts or styles that have what it takes to be a lasting and impressive look in a quick-to-change atmosphere so when we get those sweet looks, we hold on tight. Ombre hair may not be the current must-have look but it is a classy and stylish look that isn’t going to be kicked to the curb either. A great thing to appreciate about ombre hair is that you can always put your own twist on it. While a natural hair color choice is gr

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