Dealing With Dandruff

Mostly everyone knows what dandruff is, those white flakes that fall on your shoulders or collar. Many people have dealt with dandruff or know someone that has. It is a common thing to experience, but most are not happy when it happens to them. It can be embarrassing for some, and irritating for others. Itchiness is a common side effect of dandruff, which also adds to all the flakes on your shoulders. Dandruff is basically skin cells that grow and die too quickly. Reasons that this happens are hard to understand, and researchers don’t all agree on the cause. One common proposed reason that some people may have heard of is seborrheic dermatitis. This can appear on other areas of the body besi

Hairstyles For Cute Fall Hats

As fall and winter are approaching, the temperature keeps dropping, leaving our ears exposed to the chill and our heads losing heat quickly. To combat this, many people like to wear hats and scarves to try to keep warm on chilly mornings and dull days, plus there are some very cute hats out there my friends. The trick is knowing how to style your locks under that adorable cap so you can look fly or fleek or on point, whatever it is you are trying to do! Wearing hats is a fun way to look cute and cozy, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to do with your hair under them. Read on to find out some of our favorite ways to look gorgeous and warm this fall and winter! Let Down Those Locks Our

Trendy Hair Colors For Autumn

Seasons come and seasons go, the weather is changing and leaves are turning colors. Are you looking for a way to change things up this fall, too? Do you want to make a statement but also want to stick to some of the more trendy hair colors? We are excited to announce that there are some truly beautiful hair colors that are in style for this season. Not only are these hair colors stunning and gorgeous, they are also easy for nearly anyone to pull off. Check out the beautiful colors that are trending for autumn in the following list! Reds Leaves aren’t the only thing that are exciting and beautiful when they turn red. Dark reds are a stunning choice for those that are daring enough to pull the

Vitamins For Healthy, Lovely Hair

Most of us don’t take the time to ensure we are getting all the vitamins we need for our hair or skin only by what we eat. We have our favorite foods and drinks and while we will occasionally have something out of the ordinary, we are likely not getting all the vitamins and minerals in the amounts that are beneficial to our bodies. This is why there are so many hundreds of brands of multivitamins and vitamins that claim this or that on the market. While getting your vitamins through natural means and healthy meals is still the best way to take in vitamins, it may be worth your time to check out some vitamins that have some of the really important ones you aren’t getting enough of. Particular

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