Tis’ The Season For Static Hair

Yep! The holidays are here and with them and the cold weather they bring, the static hair that many ladies dread. Especially those with thin, brittle, or already dry hair. How are you supposed to take those cute holiday pictures and selfies if your hair is flying away and sticking up all over the place? So what are you to do when you seem to be battling static hair all through the season? Here are some quick tips to get you out of an emergency! The dryer sheet tricks. It sounds really weird but there are lots of reports of this one being pretty solid. All you have to do is gently rub a new dryer sheet over your hair a few times and it should help take the static out. If you feel weird about

What To Do With Damaged Hair

Nearly everyone has done something to damage their hair at some point. Those that use lots of products, like to dye their hair, use heat to style, and so on, are at more of a risk for damaged strands than those who tend to stay away from the more intense forms of hair torture. So what can you do about your damaged hair? If you are on time for a haircut, you might just decide to cut it off, but can you do anything for damaged hair that you don’t want to cut off? The good news is that there are lots of things you can try to restore your hair, but always remember the best form of treatment is prevention. Split ends are a pretty common type of damage that people see in their hair. The little spl

Holiday Hairstyles To Wow

It is that wonderful time of the year again! The holidays are fast approaching, so if you don’t have plans yet you better hurry! Book your plane tickets home, or plan your road trip to see the in-laws! One of the best things about the holidays, other than the food and getting to see your family, is that you get to dress up for all those dinner parties and get-togethers and show off your style! You might already have the perfect outfit picked out for your thanksgiving dinner or two even, if you are attending more than one! Not to mention, it is never to early to think about what you will wear for Christmas Eve dinner or even Christmas dinner! While what to wear can be quite a challenge, most

Wedding Hairstyles For 2017

It may be a bit late in the year, but there are still lots of weddings that are going on or being planned. No matter what your role in the wedding may be-bride, bridesmaid, maid of honor, mother of the groom, or someone else-you want to look dashing with a killer hair style to boot. Take a look at our collection of hairstyle ideas for all members of the party and guests as well! Braids and bows. This trusty classic is sure to wow just as much as you want it to. With just a bit of personality, you can put a new and personal touch on your braided do without spending hours in the bathroom beforehand. Create a low bun of braids or add texture to your French braid by using bobby pins or hair spra

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