Everyday Tips For Incredible Hair (Pt. 1)

When it comes to keeping your hair looking and feeling its best, we want to give you all the tools and knowledge that you need! Having your best hair takes a bit of work so we put together some pretty top notch tips and tricks to make sure that you don’t have do overwork to keep things looking shiny, smooth, and strong. Even adapting just one or two of these tips can change your life, and your hair, for the better. Condition Before Exposure As we look forward to those sunny and hot days on the beach or sitting poolside, we can tell you that your hair isn’t feeling the same way. Being exposed to harmful rays and intense heat, not to mention the chemicals or salt water, can dry out your hair a

Fun Styles For Spring

Spring is going to be here before we know it. The seasons are going to tempt us with some beautiful days and soon there will be blossoms on trees, flowers will be springing out of the soil, and the sun will feel warmer and seem brighter. To celebrate the change and the warmer weather that is coming, we wanted to help get you ready with the hottest and most fun hair colors and hairstyles for this spring. Check out some of our favorite looks below! Curls - Not Like You Know Them Having curly hair has been one of those timeless and lovely looks that in some shape or form always stick around. This spring you can enjoy your curls in a no fuss, worn look that makes us all jealous. Brush your curls

Tips For Tangle-Free Hair

Are you tired of fighting your hair and the tangled mess it is? Does brushing or combing out your hair take ages? Maybe you notice all the lost strands each time you run a brush through your locks? What about how painful the whole event is? Those little knots and tangles have taken up way too much of your time and tested your pain tolerance enough! We put together some of the best ways to keep your hair tangle-free and to make brushing or combing your hair a better and pain-free experience! Put Your Hair Up When you are going out on a windy day, or doing something that is likely to get your hair in a tangled mess, be sure to bring a hair band to put it up. A quick and simply bun or pony tail

Quick Guide To Getting Your Best Hair

Are you tired of having hair troubles? Tired of the dry and damaged hair that looks frizzy and unmanageable? What about the split ends and thinness? Or maybe you just want to make some changes to have healthier and happier hair this year? The good news is that we can help you here at Salon Dolcetto with your hair woes to make sure you have your best hair this year. To get you started on your journey to healthy, gorgeous hair, we put together a few of our best tips and tricks below! Get Familiar With Your Salon No, really. You shouldn’t be visiting your salon only once a year people. Regular trims, cuts, and salon processes can really increase the shine, strength, and overall health of your h

New Year’s Resolution: Grow Your Longest Hair

Are you thinking about trying to grow your hair out this year? Are you excited about being able to put your hair into buns, ponytails, and various other hairstyles that your hair hasn’t been long enough for since you last cut it? Or maybe you just really love that classic and lovely look and want to grow yours as long as you can. Whatever your inspiration, we wanted to help you realize your goal this year so we scoured all the best ways to grow your hair faster and longer to help you get there. Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks below to help you get the long, luscious, and beautiful locks you have been dreaming about! One of the best ways that you can ensure longer, stronger, an

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