Perks Of Getting Your Hair Done At A Salon

Changing up your hair, whether that means a cut, color, style, highlights, or something else, there are some definite perks to having it done professionally at a salon. It may be tempting to try something out at home on your own, maybe it saves you a few bucks, but it may not actually be worth it to use that low quality, low cost option. Check out some of the best reasons and best perks of having your hair taken care of by trained professionals. It Feels Good To Let Someone Else Take Care Of You Ok, seriously, there is a reason that salons are renowned for the whole pamper yourself idea. Having someone else wash your hair and take care of you is relaxing and it feels good! If you are feeling

Recognizing And Repairing Damaged Hair (Pt. 2)

Part one of this blog series introduced you to just a few of the basics when it comes to dealing with damaged hair, restoring it to health, and some steps you can take to avoid increasing how much damage your hair has to deal with. Here are some more proactive techniques and ideas to help you keep your hair healthy all year long. One thing to remember is that your hair’s health is linked to your overall health. If you are trying to improve the quality of your hair, some really basic steps you can take is to start working on your overall health while simultaneously addressing some of the damage your hair is displaying. You can do this by working your diet to include fruits and vegetables and

Recognizing And Repairing Damaged Hair (Pt. 1)

Much of the time, people don’t give a lot of thought to how healthy or unhealthy their hair is, at least until it is really unhealthy that is. Treating damaged hair is harder to do than it is to prevent the problem in the first place, so consider some of the tips and ideas we have outlined to help you start living in a more proactive and healthy way all the time! The more time and effort you put into keeping your hair healthy and well cared for, the less problems you are going to have to treat later on. To help you get started on this kind of a new healthy hair journey, we put together some tips to help you recognize damage in your hair, how to fix it, and how to avoid such situations later

Everyday Tips For Incredible Hair (Pt. 2)

The first of the two blogs in this series was posted last week, where we talked about a few of the best tips to have excellent hair every day. From washing properly to conditioning before swimming, and being mindful of the heat you expose your hair to, we wanted to give you a few more everyday tips so you can enjoy and boast incredible hair even more often. Check out a few more of our favorite tips to get you on the train to soft, moisturized, and lovely hair. Keep The Sun Off Your Hair We slather up with sunscreen (or we should) when we spend time out in the sun, but we often don’t give a second thought to our hair being exposed to those same harmful rays. Consider checking out a few of the

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