Going Crazy About Split Ends?

Some people are blessed with beautiful, rich, healthy, and shiny hair without having to try, others have to struggle to keep theirs manageable. Whatever category you fall in, everyone deals with split ends at some point. (Doesn't that make you feel better?) Split ends are a natural part of life that happens for a variety of reasons, some of which you can influence, so don't give up yet! Let’s talk about what split ends are, what you can do about them, and how you can prevent them. Split ends are basically self explanatory as the ends of your hair split into more than one strand. So what causes these split ends? Essentially, the hair cuticle dries out or is damaged, and can no longer keep the

Quick Tips For Growing Your Hair Fast

Different places around the world associate long hair with sensuality and beauty. While we love the incredible and sexy short dos, we can see why so many women want to be able to grow their hair longer and stronger...but not take forever doing it. After scavenging around and sifting through all the material out there, we put together this simple list of quick tips for growing your hair fast just for you! Change Up Your Hair Routine So many women take time doing their hair each morning, and for a lot of them, that means applying heat-and a lot of it-to their hair. Doing this, especially without using a heat protectant, damages your hair and increases dryness and split ends. This means that yo

Lazy Girl Hair Tricks And Styles

Just because you don’t want to spend extra time on your hair or wake up early to get ready doesn’t mean that you want to look that way. If you are looking for fast, easy, and adorable hairstyles to start your day looking fabulous, you came to the right place. Check out some of our favorite lazy girl tricks and styles to ace your look with minimal effort. Classic High Pony This look is sure to make you feel and look put together and ready for the day. One of the best things about ponytails is that they are great second day-no wash hairstyles. Simply roll out of bed and brush your hair up into a gorgeous pony. Secure any fly aways with a few bobby pins or some hairspray. In case you are like m

Prom, Beautifully Braided 2018

Braids are perfect for Prom Hairstyles and it's no wonder given how elaborate these up styles are. Braid styles are chic, fun and trending. There are many different braid methods like the classic three strand, french, dutch and herringbone. For more elaborate looks try combining a few different methods for a totally unique result. Braids are also a great way to control very long hair. The braid can be twisted, fanned out and pinned to create a beautiful upswept look. Boho Chic braids are soft styles with a less formal look. An elegant braid with a french twist is ideal for thick, medium length hair. So take your stylists recommendations on Boho, Classic, Mermaid braids and add some curls. I

Old School Hair Trends That Have A Place In Modern Society

Do you ever just watch some old movies or see old pictures of Hollywood and basically drool over their incredible hairdos and hairstyles? The perfectly sculpted buns, curls, and waves, can really inspire some affection and envy from the modern ladies of today. We went through our favorites and brought them to you! Check out these simple old school styles that you can do yourself! Classic Beehive This iconic and elegant style is stunning and quite simple to do! Simple in that it only requires a ponytail, a few pins, and a lot of hairspray! Essentially, how you create this look is by teasing your hair into a voluminous pile on top of your head and then secure it with a ponytail holder or some

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