Quick Summer 2018 Hairstyles

Summer is short enough without taking time out of it to style your hair with difficult hairdos. Summer is meant for enjoying the sun, having fun with friends and family, and definitely spending some time in the water. Here are some quick, easy, summer styles to keep you looking hot, but help you beat the heat of those summer days. Beachy Waves Naturally we have to start with the most summer-ified style there is! Beach waves are sexy and simple. The soft waves can really up your ante this summer if you are looking for styles that are simple yet stunning. This look is great for a night out, parties with friends or family, and are also casual enough for a simple day lounging on the beach. Defin

Hairstyles and Tips For Frustrating Hair Days

Most of us are familiar with the tragedy of having our hair be completely unreliable and noncompliant at some point or another in our life. Of course, it has to be on a day that you need to go somewhere or are presenting for work, right? You put so much effort into trying to tame those locks that you end up nearly in tears and naturally you didn’t use your waterproof mascara, right? These kinds of mornings are enough to make anyone want to crawl back in bed and just forget the whole day, but we are here to help! We pulled together some of the best, quick, and simple hairstyles you can utilize when your hair is being tricky. Check out our favorites below! Pull it up. One of the best things yo

Learn To Love Your Natural Hair

There are so many different types of hair. Some people have thick hair, some long, some dark, some curly. Even though many people have beautiful natural hair, most people want to change their hair to be like someone else's. We spend hours every week straightening or curling hair to make it look different from what it looks like naturally. People use dyes to change colors and chemicals to change textures. This can be fun and exciting to change up your looks, try out new styles, or start a new phase in your life, but it can really pay off to learn to love and style your own hair in ways that favor and show off your natural texture, curls, waves, or straight hair. We are here not only to help y

Thinking About Cutting Your Hair? Check Out Donating!

Do you have long and incredible hair and thinking about going for a short haircut? Don’t waste all that beautiful hair by just throwing it away! You can donate your hair to charities that put your hair to use by making wigs for people that need them. Depending on the charity you choose, you can help kids and adults with cancer, women facing breast cancer and many other people that would benefit from having a beautiful wig. We put together some of the basic information that many charities want potential donors to know before donating, so check out the following information if you are interested! Different charities have alternative restrictions and instructions that are vital for donors to pa

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