Sprezzatura: The Art of Effortlessness

True masters often can make the nearly impossible seem easy. Whether they are acrobats, on a professional sports team, or a skilled orator, a true master of their craft can often perform the most difficult of the maneuvers without any visible difficulty. A casual observer might remark to themselves “well I could do that”. It is only upon attempting to duplicate the feat that an observer might fully realize the difficulty of the endeavor. When it comes to style, sprezzatura is the art of appearing to elegant, fashionable, and attractive while simultaneously giving off the impression that your appearance was crafted without any real effort or thought. Simply put, a master of this art will show

Hair Care Tips Pt.1: Summer Edition

The seasons all present their own types of challenges for your beauty routine. Winter typically drys everything out, summer scorches the life out of you...you get the picture. Because of the differences in the weather, you need to adapt your hair care routine to target the biggest problems of each season to ensure the best care for your hair and to promote hair health. So what specifically should you be doing or thinking of during the summer months? Check out the hair care tips below to get started! Use a cover up. We aren't talking about makeup here. Use a scarf (silk is amazing for your hair) or hat to cover your head and hair when you are going to be out in the sun for long periods of tim

Summer's Hottest Trends To Keep You Cool

Summer is in full swing and that means the days are getting hot! We know that you are more interested in making memories in the sun, hanging out with friends, and hitting the beach than you are in spending a long time doing your hair. To help you out, we put together some of our favorite summer hair styles to help you look amazing, stay cool, and get out the door faster! Check out what we have and let us know what some of your favorite styles are for those warm summer days you want to keep your hair off your neck! Braided Up-do This is a pretty simple and adorable look that you can rock while out and about with your ladies, during a day at the beach, or while you are out to dinner with your

3 Ways to Untangle Knotted Hair

We’ve all been there: after riding in the convertible with the windows down, a nice afternoon bike ride, walking through town on a windy day, or swimming in the pool, your hair is a tangled mess that you can’t even begin to think about untangling. Eventually, after hours and a lot of effort, your locks might be silky smooth again, but we’re here with a few tips to help cut down on the time and energy it takes to get from knotted to smooth. Use a leave in conditioner. Anyone with long hair should have a leave in conditioning product in their hair care arsenal. Aside from making it easy to brush out extremely tangled hair, these products will make your hair very soft, shiny, and easy to style

Shine Bright Baby: How To Make Your Hair Look Luscious and Shiny

Beautiful, shiny, soft and luscious hair isn’t something that just happens for most of us. It usually takes quite a bit of effort and using the right tips, tricks, and products. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to create naturally shiny and luscious hair that doesn’t require all the fanfare. The first step of course is understanding what makes your hair look shiny and what doesn’t. Essentially, when your hair cuticle is laying flat there is more area to reflect the light, making your hair look more shiny. One way to accomplish that is to get friendly with your straightener. Another more permanent solutions is to make sure your hair is nourished and moisturized which

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