BOTOX…the gentler alternative for smooth, soft hair.

While Botox for facial wrinkles is a more extreme form of age-reduction treatment, Botox for hair is actually on the less extreme side of things. Like the name suggests, Botox for hair is an anti-aging treatment for aging, damaged hair. It does not actually contain Botox, but it has that effect. As summer ends and winter approaches, sun-kissed, wind-damaged, blonde highlights are replaced with a want for health hair that will shimmer in the cold hues of winter. Botox is one way to transform your summer-damaged hair to the lovely locks of winter without the harsh chemicals of alternative treatments. What is Hair BOTOX? Hair BOTOX is basically a deep-conditioning treatment, but it lasts for mo

Got Curls? Consider an Ouidad cut or a Devacurl cut.

An experienced designer stylist knows that the rules of hair change when presented with a client who has curly hair. Most of the challenge comes from the fact that combing wet hair straight and doing a traditional cut does not represent what the hair will look like when it is dry and curly. This can result in uneven hair styles that are unmanageable, and it results in dissatisfied clients. Thankfully, there are options, and two of the options for beautiful curly do’s are the Ouidad cut and the Devacurl cut. The Ouidad Cut This cut involves a technique called “carve and slice,” which sounds morbid but is an incredible way to get a look tailored to the individuality of one’s curly hair. It is

Goodbye frizz! Hello Brazilian Blow Out!

Smooth, silky, straighter hair is possible even for those with relentless frizz if a person orders a Brazilian Blow Out at the salon. If you are stricken with lifelong frizz and curls that look ratty instead of fabulous, a blowout may be a cure, albeit temporary, to give you hair bliss. So, what is a Brazilian Blowout? A Brazilian Blowout is a hair smoothing or straightening technique that last for about 3 months, and it is the most effective way to eliminate frizz. It bonds keratin to the outermost layer of the hair using heat from a flatiron, and it does not damage hair follicles. In fact, it removes damage. A shampooing, product application, and flat-ironing procedure is repeated multiple

Blow Drying Tips for a Salon Look

Leaving the salon often feels like leaving a photo shoot, and hair feels as glamorous as it looks. The next day, reality hits, and it is back to the frizz control game. Despite the assumed magic that happens in the salon, smooth hair at home is not a mythological concept. Here are some blow drying tips that can give you that luscious look. 1. Cold Water While blow dryers should be kept as far away from the shower as possible, the desired hair outcomes one hopes to achieve begins in the shower. Cold showers are not necessary, but turning the water to cold a few moments before getting out closes the hair cuticles that are responsible for frizz. It will be a shock for sure, but the shine will b

Interested in Keratin Treatments?

If you have been paying attention to the methods celebrity’s use to get their hair looking sleek and full, you have almost certainly herd of a keratin treatment. But what are they, and why are the effective? Here are a few of the basic things you should know if you are considering getting a keratin treatment done. What is Keratin? Keratin is the name for a type of protein which is produced naturally in the bodies of humans and many other animals. Proteins are essentially little pieces of matter which our bodies can synthesize which have drastically different properties based on their internal chemistry. Keratin will naturally clump together, and is used by our body to form things like finger

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