Color Correction to Keep You Looking Fabulous

Anyone who has colored their hair repeatedly has had at least one disastrous result or at least one color that just did not hold like it should. This can have to do with hair type, dye type, previous hair dye or bleach, and simply bad luck. Sometimes blonde attempts become brassy, and reds can turn dull. Light shades can weaken dark colors, and over-processed hair can become an indescribable shade of grey-green. These colors can only be described by saying, “It needs to be fixed.” Your professional stylist should be able to provide multiple solutions for color correction and get your color back to a vibrant, lively hue that is both attractive and flattering. Types of Color Correction: 1. Ton

At Home Care: Washing and Conditioning Tips

If you speak to any number of people, they’ll give you a variety of recommendations for hair care. Some only wash their hair once a week, while others insist that daily washings are a must. Some alternate between wet and dry shampoos, while others focus on ingredients such as sulfate-free shampoo. Conditioner is another story, and recommendations vary from ingredients to application length to temperature of the water used during rinsing. It is a mix-up of recommendations that can leave one confused when looking at their options for hair care in the shower. One thing is true when it comes to hair care, and that is a variety of options along with a variety of hair types makes one answer imposs

Australian muk Products Rise Above

Muk is an Australian hair color and product line that has the salon industry changing its product lines because muk products are top of the line. Color With 103 shades, muk has developed a color product line that allows designer stylists to produce fantastic colors that they can alter to fit their clients’ needs. In fact, one tube of muk color can create six different results from permanent to toning. The color potential is phenomenal with this product, but there’s more to muk than color. Muk is also filled with natural ingredients, which is healthier for both the client and his or her hair. For example, Baobab oil maintains moisture and contains healthy fatty acids and vitamins A and D. Avo

Fall Hair and the Crave for Color

Much of the excitement about hair color comes with change, and nothing mimics the desire to change hair color like the changing of the seasons. Fall is particularly refreshing when it comes to hair color. Maybe it’s the beauty and color in nature that stirs the urge to warm up those locks, or maybe it’s the drab, sun-damaged color that stimulates a trip to the salon. Either way, the fall colors in nature match the dye desires of salon customers, and warm chocolates, rich reds, and honey caramels make a welcome debut during this time period. 3 Twists on Fall Color 1. Lowlights For all those “dye”-hard highlighters, bleach damage becomes unavoidable over time. Fall is the perfect time to take

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