Barren lashes get keratin care with a lash lift!

With beauty products promising fuller lashes and medications promising new lash growth, it is difficult to decide what to do with thin lashes. A lash lift may be the answer you are looking for because it enhances your current lashes without makeup or medication! What is a lash lift? A lash lift is a process done at a salon that is reminiscent of a perm for the eyelashes. Not only does it curl lashes, but it hydrates them giving a fuller look. Not only that, but lash lifts don’t damage the original lash like extensions can, and it lasts. How do I get a lash lift? As your salon stylist about lash lifts and whether or not they perform the service. It takes about one hour from start to finish, a

Transitions: 3 haircuts to get you going

If you have short hair, then you’ll want to grow it out. If you have dark hair, you’ll want to lighten it. Most people want what they do not have, and when it comes to hair, they can get it. However, growing hair takes time, and bleaching hair damages it. Therefore, there are transition periods where hair is in limbo getting to where it needs to be. These transitions are simply opportunities for style. The 3 haircuts below are modern, trendy, and transitional. That is, they are the perfect way to get where you are going (from a hair sense) without neglecting your look. 3 haircuts for transitions 1. The Long Pixie The Pixie cut really made a comeback last year, and multiple celebrities jumped

3 Signs of a Quality Salon, at First Glance

If you are looking for a new salon, there will not be a shortage of opinions on the subject. However, if you are new to town or looking for a salon on the fly, there are a few tips that can help you to avoid hair catastrophes. 3 Signs of a Quality Salon Cleanliness: You should not think of your salon as a breeding ground for infection and disease, but it can be if it is not clean. Proper hygiene is very important to client and stylist safety. Not cleaning instruments can increase the risk of diseases such as Hepatitis or AIDS, but it can more so increase the risk of bacterial infections from accidental cuts from dirty instruments. How can you tell if a place is hygienic? Look around. If ther

To sulfate, or not to sulfate: that is the question.

The desire for soft, touchable hair that does not frizz at the first whisper of humidity is a strong desire in most people who have long hair. Throughout time, hair becomes dry, damaged, and dull. Blow drying, flat ironing, and wearing elastic bands worsens this problem. For a select few, it can get really bad. In the worst cases, hair becomes straw-like. It sticks out straight but is frizzy rather than sleek. It curls in all the wrong places, and even flat irons cannot hide the damage. Part of the problem and the solution could be hiding in your shampoo. There is one ingredient common to most shampoo products that can damage rather than repair damaged hair, and that ingredient is sulfate.

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