Sebastian Hair Care Products

You may have heard of Sebastian Hair Care Products, and they are well-known for their cutting-edge and quality products. Going to a salon that carries Sebastian means you are stepping into a place that knows quality hair products and is equipped to handle traditional and non-traditional hair requests. If you don’t known Sebastian hair products or only know a few, this list will help get you up-to-date on their basic products. 6 Sebastian Hair Care Products 1. Cellophanes: Cellophanes is Sebastian’s semi-permanent hair color that is gentle on hair because it is free of peroxide, ammonia, and alcohol. It is a gloss, so it creates translucent color while enhancing and sealing in moisture. 2. Po

Pulling the Trigger on Bangs

The New Year, winter blues, and approaching spring can all be reasons to instigate change. One of the biggest changes people make during these times are in the looks department. Weight loss and new wardrobes go a long way, but a new hair style is the pinnacle of change and goes a long way toward transformation. BUT THEN comes the problem of what to change. Color? Length? BANGS?!?! Yes, bangs are the ultimate adventure and fear in haircuts. They are also the biggest mistake made in hair style plans. That is because people aren’t clear on how to communicate or start the bang process. Unless you want to go dramatic, bangs are a thing that can be eased into. You don’t have to go extreme during t

2 Moroccan Oil Products You Won’t Want to Live Without

When I think of dry, coarse hair that is in need of some love and protection, I immediately turn to Moroccan Oil. Moroccan Oil makes everything from shampoo and conditioner to masks and finishing products, but there are a couple product that really stand out. If you try them, you’ll probably become a lifelong Moroccan Oil fan. Here are a couple favorites. 2 Moroccan Oil Products You Won’t Want to Live Without 1. The Original The original Moroccan Oil is an argan oil that has become commonplace in the hair industry due to its amazing capabilities. It does everything! It smooths, detangles, smells amazing, and protects hair from the heat of the hairy dryer. Did I mention shine? This product s

Hair Breakage has Many Causes

Hair loss is completely normal, and the average person with healthy locks may lose up to 100 hairs a day. However, breakage is different, and it can leave hair frizzy and haggard looking. Hair breakage usually happens because hair is damaged, and it can no longer retain its moisture. Talk to your hair stylist about solutions for hair breakage. Here are a few of the causes: 6 Causes of Hair Breakage 1. Dryness: Dryness leaves hair with limited elasticity and a lack of moisture that equates to brittleness. The cause of dryness can vary and may be due to bleaching, shampoo choice, or even hard water. Figure out what you are not doing to prevent dryness, and find a way to fix it. 2. Heat: Curlin

Get Those Brows into Shape! Waxing Basics

For many people, getting your eyebrows waxed is a basic part of life. You get it done every week or two, and the worst you may ever suffer is a little redness for a day. However, those who don’t shape their brows regularly are mystified by the concept of a salon wax, and they are missing out. Professional waxing should be a part of every person’s routine, and this is easy to understand once those brows are perfectly shaped with no errant hairs cropping up from should-be-hairless locations. For the brow waxing novice, here is what you can expect. What Happens During an Eyebrow Wax Firstly, you should think about the type of brows that you want. Some people want thick eyebrows that define the

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