Get Ready for the Wedding…as a Guest

If you are going to an out-of-town wedding, one of the most difficult things to do is get ready. Ironing, make-up, hair, and even brushing your teeth can feel different. When you are going to a wedding away from home, it is best to make use of available services. A salon is just the beginning. 4 Ways to Get Ready for the Wedding 1. Hair: The first problem with getting ready out of town is that the water will be different. The water may be softer or harder, and your hair will feel and act differently. It can be very frustrating to try to flat iron or curl your hair in a different climate, so let the salon do it! Not only are salons equipped with shampoo and conditioner that will revive and re

Lasio Keratin Smooth Treatment…Quicker and Safer

Getting a keratin hair treatment is a process, and it takes commitment to that process to get it to work. Typically, you start the process by stripping the hair, which leaves it a little haggard looking. This is done with a strong clarifying shampoo. If your hair is very damaged, it will look worse after your stripped hair is dried...but the end result will be beautiful. After the hair is completely dry, the keratin treatment is painstakingly painted onto every strand and dried again. Flat ironing each strand of hair multiple times is a lot of work, but the worst part of the whole process is that it can take days for it to take hold. If you have a scalp that produces a lot of oil, by the tim

How to Fix Fried Hair

It may happen in one trip to the salon or from a rough experiment with a friend in beauty school, but when your hair is fried, you know it. Fried hair presents itself in many ways. Frizzy, straw-like strands that look like a Halloween version yourself may be the least atrocious version of fried hair. Broken strands that stand up like they’ve been electrocuted may be a more extreme version. No matter how hard the hair is fried, you will have trouble holding color, straightening, and even combing your hair without encountering abnormal tangles and birds’ nests. When your hair is fried, there are a number of things that can be done. Don’t just sit there and wait for it to go away. It’s not goin

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