6 Tips on How to Maintain Your Hair Color

Do you have colored hair? If so, you'll probably want to make it last. It's frustrating when you spend the time, as well as money, to color your hair, only for it to fade back to its original color just a few weeks later. You can maintain your hair color for a longer length of time, however, by following these six tips. #1) Don't Wash For 72 Hours Avoid washing your hair for at least 72 hours after getting it colored. It takes a while for the dye to fully penetrate your hair. If you wash your hair too soon, you may inadvertently strip the dye before it sets. #2) Choose a Professional Hair Coloring Service For the greatest protection against premature fading, choose a professional hair colori

The Surprising Benefits of a Facial

Are you thinking about getting a facial? Well, you aren't alone. Facials have become increasingly popular in recent years. It's a relaxing, rejuvenating beauty treatment that offers some surprising benefits. To learn more about facials and why you should include them in your beauty regimen, keep reading. Removes Dead Skin Cells Our bodies constantly produce new skin cells to replace old skin cells. During this cycle, the old and dead skin cells flake off. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for dead skin cells to accumulate on the surface of the skin where they create an uneven complexion. You can remove dead skin cells, however, with the help of a facial. During a facial, a mask will be applie

A Crash Course on Balayage

Have you heard of balayage? Derived from the French language meaning "to sweep," it's become an increasingly popular hair highlighting technique. It doesn't require the use of foils, allowing for a more natural-looking appearance. So, if you're thinking about getting highlights, you may want to consider balayage. Below, you'll learn more about this alternative highlighting technique and how it works. What Is Balayage? Balayage is a relatively new highlighting technique that involves brushing color onto parts of the hair. Upon reading this, you may assume that it's just another name for foiling. While foiling also involves brushing color onto parts of the hair, balayage is unique because it d

5 Common Myths About Hair Coloring Debunked

You shouldn't believe everything you read or hear about hair coloring. There's a lot of information out there about hair coloring, but unfortunately it's not all accurate. To help clear up some of this misinformation, we've compiled a list of the five most common hair coloring myths. #1) Coloring Damages Your Hair While certain types of dye can damage your hair -- typically by drying it out -- this doesn't apply to all hair dyes. There are dozens of high-quality hair dyes available that don't dry out or otherwise damage hair. By choosing a high-quality dye, you'll reap the benefits of both beautiful and healthy hair. And if you're still worried that your hair will dry out after being colored

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