An Introduction to Ombré Hair Coloring

Have you heard of ombré hair coloring? It's become an increasingly popular hair coloring service in recent years -- and for good reason. Ombré hair coloring will blend your hair so that it becomes brighter farther from the roots. Being that there are other ways to blend your hair, though, you might be wondering what benefits ombré hair coloring offers. What Is Ombré Hair Coloring? Ombré hair coloring is a professional hair coloring service that's used to blend hair from the roots to the tips. The word "ombré," in fact, comes from the French word for "shaded." During an ombré hair coloring service, a professional stylist will add color to your hair to create a blended or shaded appearance. Yo

6 Winter Hair Care Tips You Need to Know

It's no secret that the winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair. The combination of cold temperatures and dry air can make it difficult to manage your hair. You may have perfect hair during the other seasons, but when winter arrives, it can create numerous problems for your hair. While you can't prevent the seasons from changing, fortunately there are ways to manage your hair during winter. #1) Trim More Frequently You should consider getting your hair trimmed more frequently during winter. Split ends are more common during this time of year. The cold and dry air can cause the ends of your hair follicles to fray. A simple solution is to get your hair trimmed. A fresh trim will remove spl

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