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What Most Hairstylists Wished Their Clients Knew Before the Appointment

While your hairdresser may be able to work magic on your hairstyle, he or she is not a psychic and won’t know exactly what you need if you don’t explain during a consultation or scheduled appointment. Of course, the hairstylist will be able to transform your locks into a fantasy hairdo, haircut or hair color. However, oftentimes, the hairdresser will first need some kind of direction and instructions from you before constructing your hairdo. It is similar to going to your doctor. If you don’t give the symptoms, then the doctor won’t be able to diagnose your problem.

The Image

Take photographs of similar hairdos when going for your hair appointment. Don’t expect your hairdresser to visualize the image in his or her mind. Pictures say a thousand words. It will give the hairdresser a better perception of what you need. The image will begin the visual communication between you and your hairstylist.

Pleasing the Client

No hairdresser will be able to see into your mental capacity. If you want to change your hairdo, you should say so. Or, if you are sitting in the hairdressing chair and don’t like the hairdo that was done, be sure to indicate such. No hairdresser wants their patron to walk out feeling unhappy because that could be a lost client.

Hair Color

If you want to change your hair color to orange, you should let your hairstylist know this before the actual appointment. He or she may have to order that type of hair color. Not all hairstylists are versed in punk styles and more importantly, there are still hairdressers who are conservative. If you are looking to correct a hair color gone badly, it will take time. So, be prepared to spend the time in the hair salon. Don’t try to do corrective hair color on your own. It has to be professionally done.

Split Ends

If you have bleached hair or long hair with split ends, you don’t have to get specific and professional advice from your hairdresser. Instead of cutting the ends, your hairdresser may treat it instead until it reaches the length for a haircut.

Hair Care

Caring the hair is important. Your hairdresser will do what is professionally appropriate to ensure good hair. However, you also have to take responsibility for your hair care. Don’t blow dry or color your hair several times per week. Overtime, this will damage your tresses. Leave some of these tasks to your hairstylist.

Hair Consultation

A hair consultation is the most important step to make. It is free of charge in many cases. Sit down with your hairdresser and discuss strategy. Your hairstylist wants to satisfy you and you want good hair. It is a win-win situation.

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