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Understanding Hair Smoothing Treatments Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Smoothing

Trying to understand the difference between the two treatments can be tricky. This is not helped by the fact that the names are often confused even by the stylists. For the customer, this can make choosing the right treatment rather


It is important that you have the right information before you commit to any kind of smoothing or straightening treatment. A consultation with a stylist experienced and certified in these services is the first and most important step. Brazilian Blowout is a registered, trademarked brand name. It is also the name of the product used to achieve the smoothing service. Some salons use other products instead of the original Brazilian Blowout to achieve similar results, but these products do not deliver the same quality result.

What does Keratin Smoothing and Brazilian Blowout have in common?

Both treatments make hair appear straighter and neither treatment is permanent like the Japanese straightening treatment or as hair relaxers. Both treatments create a protein layer around the hair which smoothes the cuticle and makes the hair more beautiful. Both treatments help fight humidity, create shine and improve the manageability of hair. Both treatments cut down the time needed for everyday styling.Both treatments will expose you to some level of formaldehyde or other aldehyde during the heating application. These levels are similar to the levels found in nail polish. Both services are safe to perform on color treated or highlighted hair.

Keratin Smoothing and Brazilian Blowout treatments both achieve similar results, however there are differences that are worth pointing out to anyone interested in this service.

A professional experienced stylist will be able to recommend the best treatment for your hair based on your hair type. Some of the considerations will be based on thickness of hair, texture, health of hair, excess volume, or difficulty to control.

The desired results:

If you are looking to calm unruly hair, create a straighter and sleeker look, reduce curl or volume then Keratin Smoothing may be best. This treatment will reduce volume, however if you already have straight or thin fine hair, Keratin will further reduce the volume. If your goal is to keep volume, maintain movement and make hair frizz free then Brazilian Blowout may be a better choice.

The Application:

The biggest difference between Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Smoothing is the time they take to complete. Keratin Smoothing can take up to three hours to complete where as the Brazilian Blowout only takes 1-2 hours to finish.

Both applications begin with clarifying shampoo, towel try (Keratin is blow dried), product is applied (Keratin processes for 20-30 minutes), hair is then blow dried again and flat ironed at 450 degrees. Keratin Smoothing application is complete but hair cannot be washed for three days, Brazilian is rinsed, a conditioning masque applied and blown dry for a finished look. Brazilian Blowout does not restrict the client from washing nor does it have any other lifestyle restrictions

The Results:

Keratin Smoothing will have a smoother, straighter appearance with reduced volume and frizz for up to three months. Brazilian Blowout will leave a frizz free, smoother result, you may choose straighter or reduced curl with preservation of volume, hair will be softer and more manageable and will last up to three months.

Both treatments are customizable depending on your desired result, although the Brazilian Blowout is more flexible. By adjusting the amount of product applied, heat setting and direction of straightening, results are more easily tailored to the clients desire.

The Convenience:

After a Keratin Smoothing treatment there a some precautions that you must follow including a three day period where you must avoid shampoo, sweating, tying hair up, tucking behind ears or any other kink that could be put into the hair.

After the Brazilian Blowout treatment is completed the results are immediate. Your hair can be washed same day. This treatment has no restrictions.

The Price:

Keratin Smoothing has three available options a) express Keratin which lasts 30 days and is normally no more than $150 b) 60 day keratin normally $150-175 and the full Keratin which will run up to $250 (I always recommend purchasing the proper professional products to maintain this investment. Your stylist can recommend the proper sulfate free product )

Brazilian Blowout will normally be priced from $250-$350 depending on length. Again purchasing the supporting professional product to support your investment is vital to the longevity of the service.

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