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Do You Know Your Hair Type?

If you do not have the luxury of snapping your fingers and getting help from a professional hairstylist like the celebrities do, you may not be privy to certain information about your hair type. It is important to understand your hair texture and its elasticity. These two essential factors are important to how your hair looks.

Hair Texture

What does it mean by hair texture, you may be wondering? It is really how thick your hair is. Some people have thin or fine hair while some are medium texture or thick. If you really want to know your hair texture without going through a long process, you can take a few of your hair strands and evaluate it. If your hair is long, you can know your hair type by putting it up into a ponytail. If you have to try pulling your hair into a ponytail more than five times, then your hair is fine. If the elastic band wraps around your hair on two tries, then you have thick hair. Evidently, anything that is in between will mean that you have medium hair. However, to know for sure, it is best to make an appointment with a hairdresser for a more extensive hair consultation.

Fine Hair

Hair texture and hair density have a close relationship. How? The density of your hair is the number of hair stands you have on each square inch of your head. For African Americans, thick hair has higher density, but for everyone else, fine hair has more density. If your fine hair is not as dense and if your thick hair is dense, it can impact your chosen hairstyle. If your hair is thinning, it can appear to be fine and may need regular hair treatment.

Medium Hair

The width of your hair strands will determine whether your hair is thick, fine or medium. For medium width, your hair strands will be medium. This is considered the most common type of hair texture. For you, there are many hairstyles that you can rock.

Thick Hair

This is the thickest strand of hair and the volume can be difficult to control. That is why; you may have to visit a hairstylist to get your hair done on a regular basis. Some experts believe that when you have thick hair, you should wear it long or shoulder length. Others may think shorter hair is best in order to control the thickness. It depends on you and your hairdresser.


Prior to considering a new hairdo, it is best to allow a hairstylist to establish your hair texture and hair elasticity. This will determine how your hair texture will be able to handle a particular hairdo. Consult with a hairdresser before you think about choosing a certain hairstyle.

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