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Hairstyle Recommendations for the Summer Bride

Even though, there is nothing ‘cut in stone’ when it comes to selecting a hairdo for your wedding, the entire bridal party should be considered in order to have a balance. For instance, if the attire is a simple gown or formal gown, all hairstyles should match its style. The ultimate decision is to rely on your personal taste, style and preferences.

The Consideration

There are also other things to consider such as:

  • Is the bride going to wear a flower or veil?

  • Is the ceremony being held at night or during the day?

  • Is the ceremony going to be held inside or outside?

  • How long is the hairstyle going to last in various types of weather?

These variables will have an effect on what the most suitable hairdo will be for the wedding day. In addition, make sure that you have a hair consultation with a hairstylist and you should do this in advance of the wedding day.

The Determination

Some hairdos will probably need the bride to have hair treatment done before the wedding day. Most people get married during the summer months. For a summer bride, the right hairstyle will have to be established beforehand. If it is a balmy evening or hot sunny day, a hairstylist will help you to determine the appropriate hairdo. The hot summer day wedding can wreak havoc on makeup and hairdos. If the temperature is humid, you may want to consider an updo hairstyle.

The Right Hair Products

If you are planning a beach summer wedding, a hairstylist will use hair products that can withstand the humid weather. Using the right hair products can be the difference between maintaining your hairstyle and having a flop. During your hair consultation, be sure to speak with the stylist about the need for products to withstand the humidity. The most major problem as a summer bride is hair frizz. No bride wants frizzy hair during their wedding. It can be a nightmare, especially if your hair has curls. The best solution for combating hair frizz is preparing the hair with the right hair serum to keep the hair smooth.


Lastly, be sure to choose the most sensible hairdo, one that will stay fresh and simple enough to be manageable. Flowers can ruin your hairdo. Therefore, instead of wearing flowers in your hair, choose hair accessories. You can always use these again on a different occasion. In addition to your hair, a good hairstylist may also be experienced enough to do your makeup for the wedding. Find this out at the hair consultation. Good luck with your wedding and congratulations!

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