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Hair Extensions: The Solution to a New Hairdo

In the beauty world, a woman does not have to wait for hair growth to have fabulously long hair or medium length hair, especially when you have cut your hair and wearing a short look at the moment. You may see this as a miracle, which it probably is because one day, your hair is short and the next day, you can have any length you want; just like that! You can even choose the desired hair color and hair texture without using chemicals. How cool is that?

Hair Length

Hair extensions are ideal for gaining a variety of hair lengths. This is a way to embrace hair integration by having hair extensions put in. Now that women have hair extensions available, many are taking advantage of them. This allows women to feel good about themselves and be able to create a new image ‘on the go,’ giving confidence and heightening self –esteem.

The Hair Fiber

Many of these hair extensions come in different styles and varying hair fiber. So, if you wanted human hair or synthetic hair, you could choose either. Human hair extensions are more expensive, but last much longer. You can apply heat to human hair while that may only be possible on some synthetic fibers.

Not Just Celebrities

Many celebrities wear hair extensions and have been doing so for a while. In fact, it is because of this why the public caught on to this trend. Famous people like Racquel Welch and Jessica Simpson have been known to wear extensions. In the past, the regular person may not have been able to afford this process, but it has had a turn around and now anyone can get hair extensions.

Micro Extensions

There are also different methods on how to install hair extension. Your hairstylist will definitely have to consult with you first to determine what you desire and how to get the hairstyle that you want. Some of the styles include micro extension where micro cylinder is used, which means that no glue, chemicals or wax is needed. The hairstylist will combine each of your natural hair strands with each hair extension strands. Usually, the same hair color is recommended, but you can also have a blended look. This technique is called micro loop. The weft hair extension is similar where it uses loops or rings. However, instead of a single hair strand, a weft or track of hair is used. Other methods include gluing the extension to the hair scalp. Another method is clip on, which is the cheapest process and easiest. You could also do a sew in, but this is a longer process, but also could last longer.


Again, it is best to have a hair consultation with your hairstylist. A salon specialist will be able to work with you to decide which is best for your hair texture, style, personality and taste. Schedule a consultation today.

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