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Communicating Effectively with Your Hairstylist

When you have the right hairstylist, it can make a huge difference between the hairdo that you are passionate about and waiting for two weeks to let your hair grow out sufficiently enough to have something done to it. Not all hairdressers can create every hairstyle. For that reason, you have to find one that has the experience, expertise and knowledge to get it done.

Hit or Miss

Sometimes, to find the right hairstylist is a hit or miss game. If you don’t get a good word-of-mouth referral, then you are not in luck. When you are thinking about finding a hairdresser, you may have to visit different hair salons. Sometimes, you may make the mistake of choosing the wrong one, only to regret it later. This can be quite frustrating for you and a waste of your hard earned money. It may take some time to find the right hairstylist, if you have no recommendations. However, there are some key steps to take in making it sooner rather than later. Let’s take a look at some of these steps.

Schedule an Appointment

Once you determine the hair salon of choice, then it is time to schedule an appointment. During this appointment, you will have a hair consultation where details of your objective will be discussed. You will explain what you are looking to have done and then your hairdresser will confirm whether it is feasible or not. The hairdresser has to examine your hair texture, and your hair length, along with other things. Make sure you show up for your appointment early, especially if you are visiting a busy hair salon.

Bring Pictures

Take images of the hairdo to your appointment to give the hairdresser a visual picture of what you want. If you saw the picture in a magazine, cut it out and take it with you. You could also download an image from the Internet and save it on your smart phone or mobile device. The hairdresser doesn’t have to guess or visualize what you want, but can see it firsthand.

The Details

Make sure that you speak with your hairstylist about your lifestyle. This will reveal whether you want to wear the hairdo to work, at an event, or just casually. If you work in a professional environment, for example and you want a hairdo for work, then your hairdresser will know exactly how to construct your hairdo.


A good hairdresser will always listen to the client’s needs and then translate it into an amazing hairstyle. Show up for your appointment with a positive attitude, explain what you need and then relax and be pampered by your hairstylist.

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