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Hair Color Tips You Should be Aware Of

Are you into dyeing your hair occasionally or do you love changing your hair color regularly at the hair salon. Of course, if you maintain a good relationship with the hairstylist, you may be able to get a better job done since the hairstylist already knows everything about your hair; its texture, its follicles and its strength. Below are hair coloring tips that hairdressers would love to inform clients about with recommendations on what to avoid.

Avoid Hair Salon Hopping

Never go from one hair salon to the next. If cost is a concern, you may try to ask your hairstylist for a discount outright or you could wait until the hair salon is running a special. It is more difficult for the hairstylist to do a good hair coloring job when you have already gone to another hair salon and gotten a terrible job done. It could take several appointments to fix this. Hair coloring is a specialized service and you should avoid a hairdresser who doesn’t specialize in hair coloring.

The Right Products

You also need to have the right products used on your hair during a hair coloring procedure. This includes the conditioner, hair color and shampoo. Sometimes, the hairstylist will have to do a deep conditioning treatment, especially if your hair is damaged or dry. You want your hair to look healthy, even with color.

Get Your Hair Trimmed

You should always have your hair regularly trimmed in order to keep it health. Coloring the hair can sometimes make the ends brittle, if you have fast growing hair or if you don’t condition your hair enough.

Avoid Following Hair Trends

Try to avoid following hair trends. Instead, ask the hairdresser for recommendations on the type of hair color you should use to match your skin tone. For example, rather than having your hairstylist color your entire hair using green hair dye, why not use it to add highlights instead? This allows you to create your own hair trend. It is important to stay close to four shades of your natural hair color. If you are uncertain, your hairstylist will guide you. If you have had highlights done, make sure they are redone every three months. If you get them redone too soon, this will only cause damage to your hair.


Use protecting shampoo in the summer or do it if you swim a lot. The warm temperature and chlorine in the water can dry out your hair. If you want to preserve your hair color, get expert hair care at all times.

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