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When Should You Tip for Beauty Salon Services?

Most women have gone through this – having had their hair or makeup done professionally at a hair salon and gone up to the counter with the intention of paying the bill, but don’t know how much to award the hairstylist for a tip. It is a delicate process and sometimes stressful situation when considering a tip for beauty treatments provided by a professional. Many may think that tipping a salon owner or hairstylist is something that shouldn’t be done. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth.

The Advantages

Tipping shows that you are appreciative of the work done. It speaks volume to the hairstylist. It tells him or her that you really love the work done and gives hope that you will return for other services. You will also develop a good rapport and subsequent relationship with your hair stylist. Many hairdressers will consider it a negative if you don’t offer a tip. They may think that you had an unhappy experience or you are just a cheap customer. If you want to answer some of the concerns that you may have about tipping, let’s take a closer look at this.

Question and Answers

Is there any kind of rule as it relates to gratuity for hair and makeup beauty services?

Answer: for beauty services, the basic tip would be twenty percent of the total cost. It doesn’t matter if you received a haircut, hairstyle, manicure, pedicure or blowout. If you don’t want to tack on an additional $16 for an $80 hairstyle, it may be better going to a hair salon that suits your budget.

Who receives the tip? Is the hair shampoo person or the hairdresser?

Answer: It would probably be best to give it to the hairdresser and he or she will disburse it to the other professionals who had a hand in doing your hair or nails. If you can afford it, you could squeeze an extra $2 to $5 into the shampoo person’s hand as well. If the salon owner is the one to provide a haircut, then you would only tip the salon owner – the basic twenty percent.

What if the experience at the hair salon or with the hairdresser was bad?

Answer: Unless you had two of your eyebrows or myriads of your hair strands missing, you should give at least ten percent in tip. It is better to give the tip and then share your feedback about the hair salon. Or you could take the high road by voicing your unhappiness with the service provided. In many cases; the hair salon will do its best to appease you.


If you don’t have cash to tip, most hair salons will take the tip from your debit card or credit card. Just pay for the entire service with your card and let them know how much to take out for the tip. You also have the option to pay your tip as soon as you walk through the door of the hair salon. In so doing, you will be able to leave as soon as you have service provided to you. That way, you will still leave in that same happy place you were in.

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