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Non-Surgical Human Hair Replacement Systems and their Benefits

It is not a nice thing when women are losing their hair. For some women, it can be quite devastating and it can have an extreme psychological impact on the individual. Some women may resort to hair pieces and wigs in order to cosmetically change their appearance. This is not an odd occurrence.

New Technology

However, new hair technology has allowed for other viable options. Non-surgical hair replacement has become popular and so has hair integration and hair bonding. Due to new advancements in the hair replacement industry, it has allowed women to seek out one or more of these options in an attempt to change their appearance to look better. With hair replacement, a woman can still do the things that she loved to do such as swimming or other normal activities. It would be as if they still had their own hair.

The System

Most systems for hair replacement are done by hand. The process will usually take up to three months where the affected individual will schedule a visit for a final fitting. If the replacement is done well, it can last the client up to three years. More importantly, the hair will look quite natural.

The Hair Loss

What causes hair loss? In some cases, people lose their hair due to genetics. If a mother or father had loss of hair, then a daughter or son would experience the same thing. So, balding is not gender specific. It is passed down to children from either the mother or father. There are numerous hair products to help with hair loss problems. Laser therapy is one option, but so is customized human hair replacement, which is a practical solution for different kinds of hair loss issues, whether it is the early thinning out stage or more advanced balding.

Full Coverage

If your hair loss is such that you must have full coverage, then hair replacement is the obvious choice. Some women lose their hair due to cancer treatment. Wigs are becoming outdated due to their heaviness on a bald head. For women with some hair strands left on their head, then a semi-permanent replacement could work. These kinds of replacement have a lace front hair line, which appears natural and somewhat invisible. Human hair is attached to the lace and gives an undetectable finished look that many will think is your hair.


When you get your hair replacement done non-surgically, you will have to maintain it every three to four weeks because it has to be removed and cleaned, after which it is re-attached. It only takes an hour to have this done by an experienced hairstylist. Schedule your hair appointment or hair consultation to discuss hair loss issues and the options available to you.

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