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What You Need to Know about Hair Coloring

For a woman that is going to bleach her hair for the first time, to her, this is a huge deal. Why? Well, there are enough horror stories to go around when it comes to hair damage, fried hair ends, and hair breakage after bleaching. Many times, the horror experience can prevent a woman from trying it again. Hair lightening, on the other hand, can create a lot of possibilities for a woman. Hair color change can alter your entire look altogether and could make you look even better than before. So, don’t be afraid to take embrace the idea. You may wonder why it took you so long to decide on the change.

How It Works

When a hairdresser applies bleach to the hair shaft, it is considered chemical use. That means, it can remove the natural pigmentation of the hair strands. Bleach comes in various forms such as powder and liquid. It is mixed according to how strong it has to be to get the desired result. The hair texture and color of your hair will change when your hair is bleached. But, did you know that your hair roots carry more heat than your hair shaft? For that reason, the hair roots are likely to be more efficiently processed than the other parts of your hair. So, most hairdressers will probably use a weaker formula on the hair roots so that the shade is evenly distributed.

The Developer

The hairstylist will consider the strength of the developer that will be appropriate for your hair type. 20 is the mild and may not get the same effect. 40 will tend to be a little more risky as it relates to hair damage. 30 will probably be safer. Your hairdresser will look at your hair type to figure out which strength is best.

Caring for Bleached Hair

When you hair is bleached, the appropriate care needs to be taken. You need to moisturize the hair as much as possible. So, instead of going to your hair stylist twice a week, you probably have to schedule a weekly appointment. Your hair cuticle must maintain its elasticity. When you have bleached hair, you should stay away from using too much heat as you are getting your hair styled Do not use non-detergent shampoo.

Bleaching at the Hair Salon

Do not consider bleaching your hair at home. It is too risky. The end result could be excessive hair damage or uneven hair color. Instead, call your local hair salon for a free hair consultation. If you try to do it on your own, you may end up having to go to your hairstylist afterwards anyway and it will harder to fix the problem.

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