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Are You Explaining to the Hair Stylist Exactly What You Want Done?

For some reasons, it can be quite nerve wracking to go to the hair salon. Many women have faced frightening situations and experience in a hair salon – at some time or the other. It could be that you had a bad hair cut done and left the salon feeling unhappy. While, you will grow your hair back, every woman wants to go to a hair salon with confidence.

The Experience

For every hairdresser, experience is important when providing service to a client. There are various processes that the hairstylist must be aware of, but not all hairdressers have the same experience in hair styling, and offering hair care. On the contrary, the client must know how to adequately communicate their request to the hair stylist. A simple bad explanation can cause a disastrous result that the client has to live with for a while. For that reason, it is important to say what you mean as a client and mean what you say. Your hairstylist cannot read your mind.

Know the Terms

If you have to bring photos with you to expound on your request, then by all means do so. Learn the hair terminology that hairdressers use. This will help you to communicate your needs in an appropriate manner. You don’t have to know everything, but here are some things to start.

Lob and Bob

When you go to the hair salon, you may want to have the hairdresser give you a bob hairstyle. If you are unable to explain this, you may end up getting a lob, which is much longer than the shorter bob. If you can explain that you want your hair to be cut in such as a way as to fall around your jaw line and chin, then you would have achieved the idea of letting the hairstylist know that you really want a bob.

Dusting and Trim

If you only want the hairdresser to trim the ends of your hair, in hairdressing terms, it is called dusting. However, once you can explain, your hairdresser will know that you don’t want a trim, but just a dust.

Highlights and Lowlights

For hair coloring, lowlights and highlights can be added to your hair strands separately and in combination to each other. With highlights, the hairstylist applies hair streaks, generally on the top of the head. With lowlights, the hairstylist darkens the hair strands underneath, adding texture to your look. Be sure that you understand the difference.

Relaxer and Perm

If you want to have a relaxer put in your hair, you will find that the end result is a smoother and straighter hair structure. With a perm, you will end up having more curls and waves. Both processes use chemical products to achieve these different results.


It is important to have a good relationship with your hairstylist. In so doing, you will be better able to communicate and explain exactly what you need. Your hairdresser is there to help you and not to hurt you in any way.

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