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Do You Need Hair Rehabilitation?

Do you need hair rehabilitation? If you do, then that means your hair is enormously abused by hair styling chemicals. You may have heard many horror stories about women who have had some hair disaster at one point in their lives and have gotten over it – long enough to tell the story. Has this ever happened to you? You may feel embarrassed about confessing that you have, but it can happen to the best of us.

Going to the Hair Salon

First, before you go to a hair salon, you should have a hair consultation done so you and your hairdresser can be on the same page. Make sure you ask questions when you are uncertain and give the hairstylist sufficient information about your previous hair experience. Discuss your hair needs and allow your hairdresser to do the rest. Even if you have had a bad hair experience by another hairdresser, give your new hairstylist a chance to prove that not all hair professionals are the same.

The Reasons

There are several reasons why you can have dry hair or damaged hair. However, two of the main reasons are overly applied heat and over processing with chemicals. You may be the kind of person that loves to do your own hair at home, at least in between hair salon visits. However, if you use a blow dryer every morning, you may eventually damage your hair. It is even worse, if you try to apply chemicals in your own hair. You can really damage your hair with bleaching or putting in a perm yourself. Using harsh hair dyes can weaken your hair so that it splits or even break off.

Damaged Hair

Generally, people are aware when the hair is damaged. However, many of these people are not immediately aware of the cause of the damage unless they have had a recent bad experience at the hair salon. Long time use of chemicals in the hair may not offer an immediate answer since many people believe that they are doing everything right. When your hair shows signs of damage, the best thing to do is to make a hair appointment to have the hairdresser assess the extent of the damage and consider the scope of treatment.


Your hairdresser will administer the first treatment to break the cycle and to have the damage repaired. However, subsequent treatments will be mandatory to bring your hair back to a healthy state. Treatment may involve a number of things such as hot oil application, deep conditioning, trimming the edges, and hair cutting. It all depends on the extent of the hair damage.

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