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What Steps are Involved in Styling of Natural Hair?

If you vow to keep your hair natural, it can still be beautiful, whether you are a man, woman or child. For people with the objective of staying true to their roots and want to change up their hair styles without having any chemical products applied, there are different hairstyles that can be rocked, but first, the hair has to be prepared for styling.

Maintaining a Natural Hairdo

When you want to maintain a natural hairdo, moisture is going to be so important. You must have your hair shampooed and conditioned on a regular basis in order to lock in the nourishment and moisture needed. If you want to know more about how to maintain the natural look, schedule a hair consultation where the hairstylist will evaluate the hair to see if there is any hair damage. The hairdresser will opt to deep condition the hair, if it is damaged. Deep conditioning allows for penetration of the moisture into the hair strands.

The Detangling

The hairdresser will probably use a detangling shampoo and wide tooth comb to ensure that the hair is detangled, creating small sections to make it easier and so you don’t feel as if your hair is being tugged at.

Towel Dry

The hairdresser will use a towel to dry the hair, from ends to the root of the hair strands. Wet hair strands tend to be weaker and so care needs to be taken so no further damage is done to the hair. Make sure your hair locks are dried properly. A soft towel is needed and the excess water has to be squeezed out.

Hair Products

Hair products should be applied quite sparingly as most hairstylists know. There has to be a special technique used to apply the product. Not all hairdressers use the same technique to styling natural hair. However, most people will use about two types of hair products. First, the hairstylist will usually begin with a leave-in moisturizing conditioner. It will be evenly distributed into the person’s curl pattern. The hairdresser will work from the bottom toward the top.

The Weight and Texture

The hairdresser will evaluate the weight and texture of your hair, after which the appropriate cream product will be worked evenly into your hair. Don’t put too much hair product into your tresses. Make sure that they are left in the most natural state. The hairdresser will place you under the dryer for up to twenty five minutes to make sure that your hair is dried properly. It is likely that a diffuser will be used to remove excess moisture.


Of course, you could just wash your natural locks while on the go, but you probably wouldn’t have the right treatment infused into your hair and roots. Therefore, it is best to see a competent hairstylist to ensure that your locks are always in the best condition. Moreover, your hairdresser will be able to blow dry and style your hair into a bob, curls or heatless waves.

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