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What Could Go Wrong with a Hair Perm?

Have you ever had a bad hair perm? If you have, you are not the only one. Victims of unprofessional hair perm will often be frustrated, timid and anxious about going to another hairstylist. In most instances, all hair lengths are affected, from very long to short hair lengths. It also affects different types of hair textures, from thick to fine and curly to straight.

Chemical Application

When a hairdresser applies chemicals to someone’s hair, it has to be done carefully and professionally. Most hair experts will agree with this. Let’s take a look at the number of things that could go wrong with chemical processing of the hair.

Perms That Go Very Wrong

Hair perms are used to change the way that hair follicles are shaped. It offers a straightened look and changes the texture of the original hair follicles. Some hairstylists will use a cold chemical process while others choose to use heat. Either way, it has to be carefully applied and more importantly, the hairdresser has to examine the client’s original hair texture to make sure that it can handle the chemical procedure.

Why Hair Perms Go Bad

Most hair perm applications do work as long as the chemical is applied appropriately. Why would a hair perm go bad? There are several reasons, which we will mention below.

  • Not the right roller size used

  • In accurate hair tension applied to used rollers

  • Not the right timing executed on the hair perm solution and for that reason, the solution may have been left for too long on the hair

  • The hair perm solution may not have been rinsed out completely from the hair

If the rollers are installed too tightly, the perm solution is excessive and the development lotion is used incorrectly, you will have a bad hair perm.

The Skilled Hairdresser

No matter what the condition of your hair prior to getting a perm, a skilled hairdresser knows what to do to make sure that you don’t experience any hair damage. If the perm solution stays in for a longer time, you will get tighter curls, but you will also damage the hair follicles. If the perm solution stays in for a shorter time, you will get looser curl patterns and no hair damage.


The solution to having a good hair perm is ultimately having an experienced hairstylist do the job. If you are worried about giving another hairdresser the chance to do your hair perm, then you should get a hair consultation done first in order to discuss your concerns.

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