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How to Match Your Shaped Face with the Right Hair Bang

One of the most divisive components of a hair bang is whether people should call it a fringe or a bang. In America, it is called a bang, especially when it partially, fully or subtly falls over the forehead. Hair fringe and hair bangs are referenced as the same thing. A hair fringe is when the hairstylist cuts the front part of the client’s hair, shaping it to frame the face. The client would have the bang combed towards the front of the forehead. The bang can either hang straight or curled using a curling iron.

The Classic Bang

A classic hair fringe is a straight cut above the client’s eyebrows. However, the hairdresser will add texture to it. It can also be ruffled, layered or combed to one side. A hair bang will eventually grow back as any other hairstyle will. For that reason, you may have to visit the hair salon frequently to have your bangs reshaped.

The Cycle and Cut

The cycle of cutting your bangs depends on your particular desire, the last time you had it cut, the existing hair fashion trends and other hair style indicators. You can bet that this type of hairstyle looks great on adults, baby boomers, and babies. In other words, it is not age specific. Even some men wear their hair on the forehead, especially Caucasian men.

The Various Styles

This type of haircut can be done in various styles such as:

  • Long

  • Short

  • Side sweep

  • Blunt frontal

  • Thick or thinned

Many people wear hair bangs to hide large foreheads. Some want to disguise the lines or wrinkles on the forehead. No matter the reason, it goes to saying that it will help to control the annoyance of someone’s imperfections.

Bad Hair Day

Hair fringes can be worn with accessories such as hair clips and headbands. You can put the hair up in a bun and add a scarf around the circumference and on top of the bang. This hairstyle is especially helpful when you are having a bad hair day or you are in between shampoos and just want to get a quick solution from your hairdresser.

What is involved?

Choose the best hair fringe that is right for you. It all depends on the hair texture, condition and type of hair that you have. Let’s say you want to showcase your eyes, you will need to have the bang cut on top of the brow line. Thicker hair bangs will usually showcase the nose. Unless you have a small nose, this may not be the best choice.


Hair bangs or hair fringes have to be cut to enhance the shape of the face and it has to harmonize all the characteristics of the hair. To achieve the best results, schedule a hair consultation at your local hair salon.

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