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Fall 2016 Hair Color Trends

No matter the season, a natural color that enhances and works well with your skin tone, never goes out of style. The Summer months can do a number on hair and may leave you feeling like your hair has lost its luster and shine. Complexions also ten d to lighten in the colder months and therefore leave you feeling washed out.

With all of the changes Fall brings, it's also fun to change your hair color. According to experts, runways, and glamor magazines, Fall 2016 is all about going bold! Introducing warmer, richer tones and enhancing dimension with color, by adding highlights and lowlights.

We often see lighter hair in the Spring and Summer and darker hair in the Fall and Winter. This year, we're seeing lighter hair with darker roots. Using a base color to cool or warm up your natural tone. It's a fun and more subtle way to mix it up for the season. As well as a perfect solution for the busy woman who needs a low maintenance option.

Red tones are especially fun for Fall and look great with a lighter complexion. Many celebrities are seen with a natural, coppery-red tone this season, A dusty, rose-gold color is a new and fun change for blondes. For a darker red, Auburn is always a great choice this time of year. Whether you want to go bold with an all over color or spruce up your current brunette locks by adding in highlights and/or lowlights.

Bronde is a new term we're hearing and we're loving the look! Bronde is a soft blend of blonde and brunette. Using caramel, honey, and golden highlights to add dimension and warmth to your color. This color works best for medium blonde to light brunette colors. It's a simple way to get a change with out it being drastic.

Brunettes are all about the chocolate and espresso shades right now. Adding in deep brown, caramel, or red accents to create dimension. For a bolder look, experts suggest trying an all over color such as raven black or a rich dark brown, both are hot this season.

If you're a blonde at heart and want to stay blonde, but also want a change, experts suggest going for a beige tone. Platinum color, this time of year, is sort of a “last of summer sunshine”, and can be fun when framed around the face. The red carpet is full of creamy, buttery and gold toned blondes. Adding beige tones to blonde hair creates dimension and richness. It's an easy but noticeable change.

Creative colors such as pink, blue or purple are less bold this season. Almost a dusty tone with softer hues such as pastel gray, icy blue, and rose-gold. It creates a more modern look. We're seeing more of a pop of color instead of an all around color, also.

The color trends we're noticing are fun for everyone! Whether you're a blonde, brunette, redhead, or somewhere in between, there are tips for updating your look.

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