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Hair FAQ

Does using a flat iron cause split ends?

Using a flat iron can cause damage to your hair. The heat along with working it through your hair may weaken the ends. Using heat protectant products as well as trimming your hair regularly can help to avoid splitting ends.

How are professional products difference than products at the drugstore?

One of the biggest reasons is because professional products are more concentrated. The ingredients that help add moisture and protein are more potent.

How long can I go between haircuts?

Your ends will start to dry and split around the six-week mark. Be sure to cut your hair before your ends split, avoiding your hair to loose length caused by splitting.

What is the difference with a flexible, brush-able and build-able hairspray or a firm hairspray that has hold?

The main difference is hold. Firm hold helps fight humidity. You can use just a little of the firm hold hairspray to make your hair more moveable, but it will maintain the hold better than a flexible hairspray through out the day.

Can cutting my hair make it grow back thicker?

There's no evidence that cutting your hair will result in thicker hair. New growth may tend to come in differently. Also, when you cut your hair, it can feel thicker because of the blunt edges.

How do I use a round brush with out getting it stuck in my hair?

When using a round brush, be sure to unroll it in the same direction you rolled it. Always unroll the brush before attempting to pull it away from your hair. Make sure not to roll your hair up to the scalp and then try to pull.

Why does my hair stay short, like sideburns, in front of my ears and how can I grow them out?

Your hair is more susceptible to breakage around your face because the skin around your hairline is thin and sensitive. Conditioner helps, often times it's easy to miss that area when conditioning. Try to baby those areas and hopefully that will help with breakage.

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