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Halloween Hair

Halloween is the best! It's almost time to get BoO-tiFul. It's a holiday that encourages you think outside the box with style and character. You can choose from countless looks with costume choices these days. It's fun to change it up each year and challenge yourself with the look of your choice.

It can be hard to match your hair style with the costume you choose. Be cautious using store bought Halloween hair coloring. Many of the Halloween hair dyes can be more permanent than the bottle says. Also, beware that color tends to hold more if you have a light or blonde shade to your hair. There's a reason that salons are booked more than usual the week after Halloween. Costume hair color correction is a thing.

If you've always wanted to see what you'd look like as a red-head, Halloween is the perfect time! You can make a more permanent change to your hair while rocking the costume you've had on your mind all year. Think, Poison Ivy, Ariel, or Lucille Ball. Maybe you want to go dark for Fall and Winter. Going brunette can inspire many costume choices such as Audrey Hepburn, Kim Kardashian, or Cleopatra. As a brunette you may be missing the sunshine and want to try out blonde hair for a change. This is a fun time to think about dressing up as Marilyn Monroe, Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland, or Cinderella. Dying your hair for a costume sounds scary, but you've wanted to try it anyways, so why not now?!

Always wanted to see what you'd look like with a short brunette bob, or with bangs? Wigs are better than ever! They can help you to see if you like a new cut or color without being a permanent change. You can go shorter or longer in length, as well as mix up your color. They come style ready which helps the time it'll take getting ready for the party on Halloween. All you have to do is comb it a little and go.

Hair extensions are also a fun way to mix it up this time of year. If you're sporting shorter locks, there are a wide-range of extensions ranging in quality and cost that will fit your individual needs. It's less permanent if you decide it's not for you, but will last longer than the night of the party if you desire.

Remember most importantly to go bold! Challenge yourself and have an amazing Halloween!

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