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All About Moroccan Oil

Moroccan oil is made from argan tree seeds, which grow in Morocco. The oil is extracted from the seeds and there are only one to three seeds in each nut, making the oil a precious and valuable resource. The nuts must be opened and dried to extract the oil, and most of this process has to be done by hand due to the delicate nature of the seeds. Finally, the oil is processed and refined to ensure a pure product. Although the oil is traditionally used for bread or pasta in Morocco, it has many health and beauty benefits and has recently become an extremely popular beauty treatment in the United States. When used on the skin, it can create a glowing appearance, help with acne or signs of aging, and relieve sensitive skin. However, the real benefits of Moroccan Oil come from using it on your hair.

Moroccan oil can be found in many different hair products and at just about beauty store due to it’s popularity. It’s no accident that it is so popular, either - it is one of the best oils available to use on your hair and has a whole host of benefits. Women all over the world swear by Moroccan oil and you will too after your first use. Moroccan oil is a great styling aid. Because it is incredibly light and full of vitamins, it keeps your hair healthy and smooth, making it easy to get the styles you want. It reduces frizz, so whether you wear your hair curly, wavy, straight, or styled up, it is going to look and feel incredible. It also gives your hair that perfect healthy shine without looking or feeling oily or greasy. Moroccan oil helps smooth out and reduce the appearance of split ends. It can prevent further hair damage through its strengthening properties, which is why many high quality shampoos and conditioners feature Moroccan oil. Using it daily in your hair products and alone as a serum is the ideal way to really boost the look, strength, and feeling of your hair.

Getting high quality, professional grade Moroccan oil is necessary to achieve any real results. Because it is expensive, cheap or counterfeit knockoff products are common. Always purchase your Moroccan oil from a trusted source or salon to ensure you’re getting the real thing. A genuine product will last longer since a little will go a long way, making it less expensive over the long run.

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