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Why You Need a Keratin Treatment

First of all - What is a keratin hair treatment and what does it do?

Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in hair that keeps our hair strong and elastic. Keratin is lost as we wash, style, heat, color, or bleach our hair, sometimes leaving it brittle and dry. Keratin treatments infuse your hair strands with more keratin and act as a supplement to your hair’s own natural keratin, making it much smoother, shinier, and less prone to tangling. A professionally done treatment straightens your hair and can last up to two and a half months. As mentioned before, keratin is lost by washing your hair. The more often you wash your hair after a treatment, the faster you will lose the results. Using a sodium-sulfate-free shampoo afterwards can also increase the time your hair retains the treatment. It is recommended that you don’t wash your hair for three or four days following a treatment because the solution used in the treatment takes time to set in to see the best results.

Best Types of Hair to Get Keratin Treatments

The best candidates for Keratin treatments are people with curly, thick or coarse hair. People with chemically treated hair, including those of us that color, bleach, or perm our hair can benefit from a keratin treatment. Those with thin, straight, or more fine hair aren’t recommended for the treatment but can use high quality salon products containing keratin to get the smooth, shiny results that are desired. Choosing the right keratin treatment is a process that the professional stylists at your salon can help you with because not all keratin treatments are the same. Blondes may need to ask if their stylist has a solution for lighter colored hair because some solutions can affect the tones in lighter hair.

Benefits of Having a Keratin Treatment Done

Keratin hair treatments have several different benefits including less frizzy, more manageable hair, smoother strands, increased resilience and strength, and less time styling! A huge bonus of having a Keratin hair treatment done professionally is all the time you save that you normally put into blow drying and straightening your hair. After a treatment, hair is straighter and takes less time to dry and to style. That means you can hit that snooze button a few more times before tumbling out of bed in the morning! Just to name a few more benefits, hair is less affected by humidity and moisture in the air, keeping your style just right throughout the day, and treatments do damage repair, as well as have the ability to seal in color to keep your color bright and vibrant.

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