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Simple Fall Hairstyles for the On-the-Go Woman

As fall comes around it is easier and easier to hit that snooze button to avoid getting up and heading out into the chilly autumn air. It’s the perfect time of year to revamp your go-to hairstyles to maximize those snooze minutes but still look like a goddess when you leave in the morning. Here are some stylish looks that are easy and quick to do to help you out!

Natural Texture

This fall is bringing in the style of using your natural hair texture and letting it be the star. Let those natural curls show! Being yourself can extend to your hair, you don’t have to straighten your hair everyday to be beautiful. Let your natural beauty shine through and let that amazing texture be known!


Knots can be a really quick and simple updo that will have everyone complimenting your looks. Knots can be done in so many ways and their versatility is one of the reasons for their popularity this season. Use a simple top knot with extra volume to complete a warm sweater look or try a low loose knot when you are running late and just need to do something with your hair. Try doing double or triple knots to keep things even more interesting. Messy knots, sleek knots, high knots, low knots...The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is hard to do it wrong.

Second-Day Waves

We all know that washing our hair too much can be bad for our hair. It washes out many of the natural oils that keep our hair healthy and shiny. Try a shower cap so you can wash your hair a little less, keeping it more healthy. On those second-day-hair-days it can be tempting to put your hair up but this season, let it down. The day after you had your hair in a braid or a bun and you slept on it, shake it out and let your hair be wavy. Try using a headpiece or pin to hold it out of your face. Antique looking pieces are definitely in these days.

High Ponytails

Another great option for a quick but stylish and class hairdo is a high ponytail. Incredibly easy to do, just gather it up and secure it, simple as that. Sleek ponies are definitely in style this fall as well. Some of our favorite celebrities, including Rihanna, have been spotted sporting this great fall style.

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