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Must-Try Hair Colors Trending Now!

Hair trends come and go all the time. The trends that are springing up all over social media and our favorite celebs are sporting this fall are a definite must-try for us all. Talk to your stylist and schedule an appointment, you never know what you might just end up looking the best with!

For the Natural Ladies

Autumn hair colors always trend towards some different dimensions of reds, browns, and dark blondes. To spice things up a bit and give your hair some dimension and shimmer, ask your stylist for some autumn highlights in chocolate, amber, caramel, chestnut, or auburn colors on your naturally brown hair to keep your natural shade but also get to try something new.

A sun kissed ombre with warmer honey tones concentrated towards the ends of your hair will help you keep a sunny glow all winter long. Ask your stylist about the best option for you!

All Over Natural Colors

For ladies looking for a bit more color we have good news. Rose gold is not just for jewelry anymore. Your salon can help you achieve a beautiful pink tinted rose gold look in an all over or ombre style.

Try a beautiful natural red to change things up entirely if you are in the mood to reinvent your look. Reds are always a fall favorite because it compliments the earthy colors of fall.

Feeling Adventurous?

This fall it is all about the gems. One of instagrams favorite hair trends involves several rich colors. Think peacock. Have your stylist layer jade, magenta, turquoise, pink and greens throughout your hair for a attention grabbing look that will make you feel fabulous! You’ll understand why peacocks strut once you match their vibrant tail feathers! It is important to have a professional color your hair, especially when you are using such bright colors and layering so many together to avoid damaging your hair by using harsh at-home chemicals or ending up with unseemly colors and streaks.

All About Orange

Orange is in. The best news is that soft and more vibrant hues look good with many different skin tones, leaving this color a good choice to change things up for anyone looking to make a change that echos the red carpet.

If straight up orange seems a little too daunting try a pumpkin spice color to keep things looking a bit more natural. Gold or chestnut color over copper gives a warm color that will remind you of your favorite latte.

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