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Why Shouldn't I Choose Box Dye?

Many ladies feel that using a box dye on their hair seems like a good idea. It is generally cheaper than going to a salon, there are lots of colors available, and it is from home ease. Tempting, right?

There are many reasons why you should choose professional salon coloring services over a quick at-home fix.

Price and Individualized Service

It can be a huge factor for some people that the price tag is different regarding at-home or salon color. The really important thing to recognize is that there is a reason it is more expensive to have a professional job done. Professionals will be able to choose the best fit for you and your hair. Different dyes have different benefits and different mixtures. Choosing the best match for you individually leads to happier results and can even lead to longer lasting color. Plus you can trust your stylist to work with you to get the results that you are looking for.

Box-dyes are not formulated for each individual customer. This means that not everyone is going to get the treatment that is best for their hair. Results vary on the starting color of your hair and can even be affected by your hair’s texture. You also have no guarantee that your hair will come out how you want it.

Proper Application

Applying hair dye is not as simple as it might seem. It is necessary to ensure that all hair strands receive treatment and that they all receive the same amount of product. A stylist at a professional salon has been trained in color application. They can also see all of your head and apply it uniformly. If some of your hair is treated with more product than other places it can leave your hair looking splotchy or streaky, which is not something that looks good on anyone.

Trying to use a bottle of color on your own hair is quite the challenge when you consider how you need it to coat all your hair strands equally. Bottles don’t tend to give the same thorough application that a professional quality brush can.

Unexpected and Unrealistic Results

You are not going to look like the model on the front cover of that box. Those ladies with the perfect gorgeous hair, especially the celebrity endorsers for box dye, are NOT using box dye to achieve those colors.

Box dyes are not made to add dimension to your hair. IF the box dye gives you the color you were hoping for, it is going to be a boring all over color that doesn’t have any dimension whatsoever.

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