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Salon Services - Facial Waxing

Facial waxing is a procedure that uses warm wax to remove unwanted facial hair to leave you looking your best. A professional waxing job will leave your skin looking beautiful and smooth. It is a great beauty routine for anyone who feels embarrassed about their facial hair, whether that is because of how much you hair or because of the color. If you are a little nervous to have your first wax job done, talk to a professional at your salon about what to expect and their recommendations.

There are other forms of hair removal for your facial hair such as shaving or having laser hair removal treatments. Waxing is a good middle ground because waxing lasts longer than shaving but is cheaper than laser hair removal. Shaving only removes the hair down to the skin level, leaving the root and when the hair continues to grow it will look like stubble…which is not particularly the look most women want. Waxing pulls the hair out down to the root which means that the hair takes longer to grow back (around two weeks) and when it does, it will grow back as a smooth hair instead of being stubbly. Laser hair removal is a great option, for those who can afford it. Waxing is a relatively low-cost option to manage unwanted facial hair.

Waxing can be a little painful because the skin on your face is thin and delicate but most women find that it is manageable. Some negative side effects of waxing is that the skin where you waxed can be irritated and red for some time after waxing. A professional knows how to treat the skin post-waxing to soothe the irritation and prevent breakouts from the procedure. Consult with the professionals at your salon to understand proper care of your skin after waxing to avoid infection and reduce redness.

One thing that is important to remember after having a wax job done is to keep the area clean and avoid putting makeup on the area until it has recovered and is no longer irritated. For those with extra sensitive skin, you can try holding a cold pack on the area to help reduce the inflammation and irritation when you get home.

Some of the benefits of choosing waxing include peace of mind over no longer having unsightly facial hair, it is a relatively inexpensive option for removing unsightly facial hair, and a wax job lasts longer than shaving! One other benefit that comes from waxing many times is that it can actually eventually reduce the amount of hair that will grow back.

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