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Bombshell Hairdos for Your New Year's Eve Party

It has been quite the year. So many things have happened and most of us are ecstatic to say goodbye to 2016. To celebrate its ending and to welcome in the new year you need the perfect hairstyle to go with your sparkling, lovely outfit you have picked out. To help you out here are some hairstyles that are sure to get you noticed!


Buns seem like they are never going to go out of style. They change in shape and texture but they are still hanging in there as one of the most stylish hairdos a girl can have. To ring in the new year, try a sexy and sleek top bun with lots of volume. Or if you prefer something a little different decorate your top bun with a fun braid!

Hair Bows

It might have seemed a little strange when it came out but hair bows, made using your actual hair, are sure to get you noticed. This fun up-do looks like it would be difficult to do but they are actually pretty easy. Try a full-on hair bow with all your hair or a princess hair bow that is more like a half pony tail if you want to keep some of your hair down. There are countless tutorials online to get you started and looking your best for your party. Make sure you post plenty of Instagram photos to show off your new style!

Side Up-dos

If you want to keep things a little more low key, try a stylish side do. Keep it messy and curly to add texture and volume to your look. Sweep your hair to one side, just about behind your ear and pin up those beautiful locks. Elegant will be your middle name with this sexy style.

Short Hair

Most of the ladies with shorter hair cannot do big buns or hair bows. The good news is that there are lots of options for shorter hair as well. For really short hair try using fancy bobby pins to spruce things up. Sparkling pins or otherwise visually interesting bobby pins will help you look gorgeous and be ready for a night full of fun!

Bobby Pin Placements

Bobby pins are not just for tucking in the loose strand anymore. Try making an artistic placement of your bobby pins to make your hairdo memorable and to help it stand out from all the rest of the buns and messy up-dos that you might be seeing at your New Year’s Eve party stops.

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