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Brazilian Blowouts

Having a Brazilian blowout sounds like an expensive salon treatment (involving who knows what and who knows how much time) which might scare some people away. What all is going to happen during this exotic sounding treatment? Let’s set some things straight and talk about what having a Brazilian blowout really means.

A Brazilian blowout quite simply is a liquid keratin hair treatment that improves the health and quality of your hair. After being applied to a head of hair, it is sealed in by your stylist using a flat iron. Depending on how much your stylist straightens, the straighter the results typically are. The original Brazilian Blowout treatment was developed in Brazil, hence the name. It is formulated using ingredients found naturally in the country that have many benefits to increasing the health of your hair. It can be applied to nearly every hair type. Visit your local salon to find out more!

Having a Brazilian blowout done will hydrate your hair, leave it less frizzy, increase shine, and help straighten wavy locks. This treatment helps protect strands and keep them from being affected by fizz and damage by forming a protective coating around the individual hair strands. Brazilian blowouts can be the right choice of smoothing treatments because they can be personalized and customized. Being designed with a more mild formula than other hair smoothing treatments allows for more versatility. This also leads to being able to style, shower, or exercise immediately after having a treatment. Other keratin treatments often have a ‘down time’ post treatment where you can’t wash your hair or style it for hours or even days.

Another perk of choosing a Brazilian blowout smoothing treatment is that it can be done on top of color-treated hair (and can even help restore damaged hair that has been color treated many times) and hair that has been previously treated with relaxers or strengtheners. It is a common worry that the volume your hair has naturally will be decreased following a Brazilian blowout. Good news is that this is not true, your hair will retain its natural volume after the treatment and will be shinier and healthier looking, as well.

Talk to your stylist to set up a customized appointment and treatment. Have open communication with your stylist about different treatments and colorings that you have had done so you can receive the most benefits from your Brazilian blowout. Results can last up to 12 weeks if properly cared for and maintained after receiving the treatment.

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