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Importance of Using a Heat Protector

Most of us are guilty of putting our hair through the daily torture regime of blow drying, straightening, curling, or crimping. Usually, we crank up the temperature dial on our tools to the highest heat and roast our hair strands into submission. The good news is that we are looking great and our hair is perfectly in place, but the bad news is our hair is being damaged on a daily basis, which can lead to future problems.

Heat protectants are a great option for those of us who have to tame our wild manes using our many heat styling tools. High quality heat protectants will add moisture to your hair while also creating a protective shield to help the strands retain the moisture despite the heat being applied to style them.

Salons and hair stylists will remind you of the importance of using a heat protectant on your hair every time you apply heat. The damage that heat causes causes dryness, frizziness, split ends, and makes your hair lose its naturally beautiful shine. Purchasing a salon quality heat protectant will help protect your hair from its near constant abuse. Since they add moisture to your hair it can help keep your hair in better shape and feeling soft and smooth. Heat protectant serums can also help to smooth down hair cuticles which also adds to the silky feel of your locks.

Using a heat protectant can have compounded benefits as well. By keeping your hair healthier it will actually be more manageable and can lead to less of a need for heat services such as the blow drying, straightening or curling. If possible, to get your hair looking and feeling its best, let your hair dry naturally. Embrace your hair’s natural texture instead of going to the straightener every day.

But for those times you need to use a iron on your hair, make sure that you are using a quality heat protectant to minimize damage, hydrate your strands, and help your hair keep its beautiful shine. If you have questions about which heat protectant is right for your hair talk to your stylist. Different serums are formulated pertaining to different needs. Some are made for color-treated hair and others are made for more frequent use of heat tools. To get the best fit for you schedule an appointment to talk to your stylist to maximize protection and see the best results.

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