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Men's Hairstyles of 2017

Often times it is easy for salons to focus on women when they are advertising for their services. The truth of the matter is that many salons can serve male clientele to get that perfect hair style they are looking for. Many stylists are trained to be able to manage and style men’s hair in the latest trends and styles to make sure you are looking your best.

Short on the Sides and Longer on Top

One of the most stylish cuts you can shoot for this year is by having your hair shorter on the side but leaving it a little longer on top. We are seeing a move away from the slicked back type of hair styles we saw last year and an appreciation for a bit more of a messy look this year. Try going lighter on the product than you may have in the past. Try for products that add texture instead of weighing down your hair.

Longer Hair

Men are just as capable of managing a longer mane as women are. If you have been waiting for the right time to grow out your manly locks, now is the time. These longer hairstyles are making a comeback among men this year and for good reason....we can all enjoy the bouncy volume of a man’s gleaming hair. Can you say, Thor?

Buzz Fade

If you aren’t into the who longer hair kind of style, try going for a stylish buzz cut that features a nice fade down the neck and side. If you want your facial hair to be the main event, try a ultra-short buzz cut and grow out a magnificent beard that is sure to get all the ladies attention.

Hair Design and Surgical Lines

Looking for something to make yourself stand out even more? Try going for a unique design in the faded sides of your cut or mark your part with a surgical line. This simply is a very short, to the scalp, line buzzed into your style. This can be down your part line or different designs depending where you want it placed and the style you are looking for.

Embrace the Grey

This is the year that you don’t have to worry about having to cover up those grey hairs that are sneaking in. To help you keep your hair looking its best while embracing the natural course of your hair there are many products out that blend different shades of greys into your look.

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