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Perms - Should I Think About Getting One?

Hold on, I know what you are thinking...theres no way you would get a perm! This isn’t the 80’s! Bear with me! We aren’t talking about the old-school version of a perm. We are talking about sophisticated, fun, and sexy curls that can grace any hair with a new look. Modern perm styles are something to go wild for! Let your fun and carefree side show with a bouncy, fun look.

How does a salon help you get those curls? Scientifically, let’s look at what a perm is. In its simplest form, perms are basically a chemical reaction. On a more micro level, cross-linking bonds within the hair structure are being broken and reformed through the chemical process. When the hair is wrapped around a form and the chemicals applied, the reaction makes the hair swell and stretch and then mold around the form, making a curl.

For those of us that like to have some curls and some movement in our hair but were born with straight hair, a modern perm is a great option to avoid having to spend hours in the bathroom every day with a curling iron. Not to mention how frustrating it is trying to get the back of your head to curl just like you want it!

Modern perms are even better because their formulas are softer and easier on hair than the ones of the past. Most notably the solutions used these days use very little, if any, ammonia which can cause damage and dryness in hair. Getting those beautiful beachy waves that take nearly no styling can be yours, every day! Depending on the type of waves or curls you want, your stylist is going to use different styles and sizes of rods or forms to wrap your hair around. A perm done by a professional stylist at a salon is going to give you that body and texture that everyone admires on celebrities.

If we get down to it, no, perms are not the healthiest thing you can do to your hair, but if it saves it from daily heat may well be worth it. How well you treat your hair before and after a perm can really be what makes or breaks how much your hair is affected by the treatment.

If you are interested in trying a perm or seeing what kind of services your salon offers, call and schedule a consultation with your stylist.

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